As we look to the future, one thing is for sure: diversity is increasing in the United States.
According to a study conducted by Esquire-NBC News, Americans are “anxious” in regards to the rise in diversity.
The study, which was co-created by both Republicans and Democrats, maps out the “New American center,” ideological wings, and other data.
The results are alarming, especially to immigrants, people of color, and other minority groups.
It is revealed in the study that one third of the center is worried about how increasing diversity will affect the future of America; and one in five individuals said that diversity makes them anxious.
However, most people in the American center support laws for protection of minorities in the workplace. But the center itself believes that the laws of protection have gone too far.
Fifty-seven percent of the center said that it favored ending affirmative action in hiring decisions and college admissions, and 58 percent want all voters to show a photo-ID.
Fifty-four percent are against citizenship for those who come to the country illegally, and less than 32 percent support immigration reform.
The results of the study even reflect that some individuals think racial tension will become violent in the future.
In a published article on NBC Politics, Democratic pollster Daniel Franklin, who helped out with the survey said, “What’s really coming through here, is that the center is focused on their own personal finances, and with their anxious feelings about the national economy, they just want to make sure everyone is treated fairly when it comes to the economy.”
Only five percent of the majority agrees with the idea that America remains the “land of opportunities,” and 31 percent believe that everyone has a chance to work himself or herself into the middle class.
Are you afraid for America and diversity in its future? If so, why?  Do you think how diversity is viewed will change?
To take an interactive quiz on where you stand on diversity, visit NBC Politics here. 
To read the full article, visit the website here.


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