The usually calm, respectful atmosphere of civic discussions in Virginia Beach has turned into an attack against a religious group that has been worshipping quietly in the area for several years.
Some speakers at a recent City Council meeting alleged that a group which has tied to the Muslim Brotherhood funded the Crescent Community Center. They stated that the city should reject an application to build a mosque and move the case to federal court.
However, it was reported by The Virginian-Pilot that the Council, with a 9-1 vote, approved a conditional use permit.  A conditional use permit means the community center can be built at the intersection of Salem and Landstown roads in Virginia Beach.
Land use and traffic were some of the other concerns that were raised if the community center and mosque were to be built.
Councilwoman Barbara Henley pointed out that larger churches have built in the same neighborhood without any objections from the public.
“We have to treat everybody the same,” Henley said in an article published by The Virginian-Pilot.
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To read the full article, visit The Virginian-Pilot’s website here.


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