There are students from all racial and ethnic backgrounds who are qualified to attend accredited schools.  And it’s important for a college or university to have diversity.  But why?  In response to criticism of some college diversity efforts, ABC News identified four major priorities:
Diversity encourages creativity– Being around people with a different ethnic or cultural background can be a real eye opener.  You’re exposed to new ways of thinking, theories and viewpoints, or different ways to approach situations. It allows you to come up with new solutions that you may have never realized on your own.
Diversity increase tolerance – Every racial, cultural, or ethnic group has nice people, mean people, funny people, serious people.  Becoming accepting of others will allow you to be understanding.  Any preconceived notion or stereotype that you may have due to a movie, pop culture reference, or a form of media can be broken down through genuine interaction with others.
Diversity encourages personal development – When you become more accepting and creative, you are growing.  You learn how to communicate more effectively with people from all backgrounds and you learn to respect opinions that aren’t your own.
Diversity prepares students for the work force – As companies are growing, employees will be expected to work with people of all types of backgrounds.  Student who have experience with diversity will be more prepared for the work force.
Read the entire article on ABC News here.


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