Leaders in the education field are working to increase diversity in Kindergarten through 12th-grade schools, with a particular focus on faculty recruitment.
According to Tolerance.org, more than 35 states have taken measures to include programs that boost the ranks in teachers of color, and the rate of which teachers of color join the ranks of the teaching profession.
Officials at local, stat,e and national levels are currently looking at students of color as future teacher recruits.  For example, administrators in schools in Albemarle County are asking counselors to identify students who would be potential teaching candidates.
The number of teachers of color doubled – 372,000 to 642,000 – from 1998 to 2008.  However, on the national level, the ratio of teachers of color compared to white teachers remains unchanged.  Studies show that teachers are leaving the profession of teaching faster than they are joining it.
Many teachers of color are leaving the profession of teaching because they felt that their insight, experiences, and talents were not valued by school leaders.
Tolerance.org recommends that school officials and other teachers “must examine their own assumptions and biases, take steps to expand their own cultural understandings, proactively solicit the input of teachers of color (all teachers, for that matter), and value their colleagues’ abilities and insights.”
To read the full article, visit Tolerance.org’s website here.


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