Students at Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia have seen new empowering messages as they walk through the halls.  Thanks to members of the school’s Inclusive Club, a new “LOVE YOURSELF” campaign shows students sharing positive thoughts through pictures, reflections, and quotes.
Members of the club and their faculty sponsor took pictures of students around the school, having them write what they liked about themselves on a white board.  They then wrote quotes about life and/or beauty on the pictures and posted them in the main hallway and by the cafeteria.  The goal was for people to accept who they are and like who they are.
The Inclusive Club started after Bethel students and educators attended VCIC’s Project Inclusionprogram in 2010.  Since that time, the school has regularly sent students to the Connections Institute each summer, and they participated in another Project Inclusion retreat in 2012.
See more photos from the Inclusive Club’s “LOVE YOURSELF” campaign on VCIC’s Facebook page.


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