It seems that public schools really aren’t free at all.  It’s standard to purchase school supplies for most, ensuring that your child goes to school as prepared as possible.
Some schools, however, are charging families mandatory fees and barring students from certain activities if their parents can’t dig deep into their pockets.
Despite the fact that mandatory fees are illegal, according to ACLU, some schools claim that charging mandatory teaching fees are better than firing teachers.
These fees could create inequality as families scramble to dig deeper to find money for these mandatory fees.
Maggie Little, single parent from Rockwall, Texas, said that her daughter’s advanced placement classes last year cost between $150 and $200.  On top of that, Little also had to pay $400 so that her daughter could participate in marching band.
In California, income-based fee waivers or refusal to let a child participate without paying a fee in a sport or activity is illegal.
Some schools will not forward transcripts to college or let students graduate if the families have outstanding debts that need to be paid.
Ranging from technology to sports, marching band to registration fees, mandatory schools fees are becoming steeper and stepper by the moment.
To read the full article, visit NBC’s Business website here.


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