In 2011, the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities launched the “Unpacking the 2010 Census” program in partnership withHope in the Cities.  Using research from Dr. John Moeser, teams of facilitators led dialogues throughout the Richmond region on the new realities of race, class, and jurisdiction.
Last night, our friends at the Richmond Peace Education Center and the Department of Educational Leadership at VCU premiered new videos that bring renewed energy to this community outreach effort.  The videos share some of data found in “Unpacking the 2010 Census,” but their real feature are personal reflections, analysis, and recommendations offered by a number of citizens.  There are four 25-minute segments, focused on the themes of economic development, education, housing, and transportation.  Each video comes with discussion questions, and some also offer additional resources for learning.
The project was chaired by Dr. Renee Hill, with support from a diverse cross-section of community leaders. Dr. Hill offers this charge to viewers: “… we have an opportunity to come together and solve our problems as one. Poverty and violence are increasing challenges in the counties as well as the city. Patchwork approaches to economic development have had uneven success. We have the power to craft a vision for a dynamic metro area. We invite you to watch our videos, and together, let’s begin a dialogue.”
Watch “Richmond, Race and Regionalism: Conversations Exploring Education, Housing, Transportation and Economic Development”


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