Professional Development for Schools

Inclusive Workplaces Initiative

Professional development sessions for elementary, middle, and secondary school educators help teachers to navigate diversity issues in the classroom, specifically looking at curriculum, discipline, and overall school policies and programs. Specific workshop topics include:

  • Building Inclusive Curriculum
  • Creating a Sense of Belonging
  • Cultivating Teachable Moments
  • Engaging Diverse Families
  • Exploring the Roots of Prejudice
  • Navigating Class in Schools
  • Navigating Race in Schools
  • Preventing and Responding to Bullying

Additionally, the Educational Equity Initiative develops educational stakeholders who are passionate, committed, and prepared to lead efforts to eliminate disparities based on race, class, and national origin in all areas of school life and academic achievement.

Finally, VCIC is a collaborative partner with the Virginia Diversity Network, an association for Virginia independent schools to promote diversity within school cultures.

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