Pushed: Explorations Into Bullying

229518_10150255985597275_630096_n“Pushed: Explorations Into Bullying” is an engaging theatrical examination into the plaguing world of bullying, intimidation, and victimization.    The program has been developed as a partnership between the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities and The Conciliation Project.  Through storytelling and drama, Pushed examines the many effects that bullying can impose on an individual, an organization, school, club, and even society as a whole. Pushed asks “What is a Bully?”, “Who does bullying affect?”, and “How do you stop a Bully?”

The program can be tailored for high school students, educators, and parents/families. Variations for younger grades are in development.  In all cases, Pushed includes a 45-minute performance and at least 45-minutes for facilitated discussion.


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