The numbers are staggering: a newly-released study reports that more than 90,000 students receive bullying-related injuries each year that are severe enough to require an emergency room visit.  96% of these injuries were the result of an assault, and 10% of the assaults involved multiple perpetrators.  And beyond physical assaults, bullying behaviors such as name-calling, teasing, and avoidance impact countless numbers of students in K-12 schools annually.
In an effort to support educators, administrators, counselors, and other youth-serving professionals, the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities is pleased to hold an Anti-Bullying Conference on March 14, 2014.  The program will raise awareness of the underlying factors that can lead to bullying, empower educators to be able to identify and effectively address incidents of bullying, and provide practical tools to increase inclusion in school environments.
At the Anti-Bullying Conference, Dr. Michael Fowlin will present his one-man show, ”You Don’t Know Me… Until You Know Me.”  In addition, high school students graduates of VCIC’s Project Inclusion program will share their thoughts about bullying during a Student Perspectives Panel, and concurrent breakout sessions will explore best practices in bullying prevention and response.  VCIC will facilitate a “Taking it Back” workshop at the end of the day to prepare attendees to be able to apply their learning.  All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance, lunch, and registration for the “Building Inclusive Schools” monthly email update.
Register for the VCIC Anti-Bullying Conference today!


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