The Cheats Movement Blog is highlighting the 20th Anniversary of the Harold M. Marsh, Sr. Connections Institute this week.  Learn more about Connections alum Marc Cheatham and The Cheats Movement Blog here.

“Connections (Metrotown when I attended in 1994), helped me develop a context and framework for thinking about diversity, differences, and learning from one another. I find myself constantly drawing on that week in 1994 at the Unviersity of Richmond; remembering to ask questions with the intent of learning, not of challenging. I seek out those who don’t look or sound like me so that I may learn from them and, hopefully, help them grow as well. Connections is aptly renamed, as it is truly about finding the things that connect us as people, as humans, and allowing that to guide us, instead of the familiar. It is about understanding and embracing our differences, and, as a result, becoming better people for it. I am truly grateful for that experience, and hope others will continue to grow as I have over the past ~20 years as a result of that one life changing week.” Rasheeda Matthews, Class of 1994, Director, Partnerships, Capital One Labs

Read more reflections here at The Cheats Movement.


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