Religion.  It is an ever-important topic here in the United States, whether within communities or the workplace.  However, increasing religious diversity raises some new responsibilities for employer accommodations.  White Evangelicals and unaffiliated Americans make up two of the fastest-growing segments in the U.S. population.
In a recent survey, Evangelicals are more likely to share their beliefs and discuss their faith at work than any other religious or nonreligious groups.
According to the 2013 Survey of American Workers and Religion, half of white Evangelical Protestants share their beliefs with co-workers, compared to 22 percent of workers overall.
Sikkink also added that the end point for most relationships between evangelicals and their co-workers revolves around the conversation of faith, which can rub the nonreligious the wrong way.However, as reported by David Sikkink, sociologist of religion at the University of Notre Dame, most believers and nonbelievers don’t look to the workplace as an outlet to find meaning and direction in their lives.
The largest issue, according to the survey, indicates workplace conflicts and discrimination over religion.  One third of survey respondents reported that they had seen or experienced incidents of religious bias at work.
However, the most cited problem reported by those surveyed was that their religious needs were being ignored and they weren’t being provided with sufficient accommodations.
To read the full article and view the statistics, visit Religion News Service’s website here.


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