New and alarming analysis of graduation rates in the metropolitan Richmond area show alarming disparities along lines of race and ethnicity.  Most troubling is a new CBS-6 report noting that “only 49.2% of Hispanics graduate on time in the City of Richmond.”  That rate compares to 84.8% for White students and 76.7% for Black students within Richmond Public Schools.
Nearby counties fare better, but still show disparities.  Chesterfield County Public Schools has a 84.6% graduation rate for Latino students.  78.4% of Latino students in Henrico County Public Schools graduate on time.
These figures are not unique to the Richmond region.  National figures, as noted in the 2012 Urgency of Now report published by the Schott Foundation for Public Education, place the graduation rate for Latino males at 58% in 2009-2010.
As the demographics of the Richmond region and Commonwealth continue to change, it is ever more important for schools to explore this data and implement effective strategies to ensure that all students are academically successful.


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