A series introducing the individuals who promote and lead the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities’ work.
In 2011, Miriam R. Davidow received the Humanitarian Award at VCIC’s Richmond Humanitarian Awards Dinner.  It was an honor presented in recognition of her years of outreach, service, education, and mentoring to diverse communities all across the region.
Professionally, Miriam is Director of Strategic Services at Virginia Mentoring Partnership.  She is also actively involved with the Richmond Jewish Coalition for Literacy and as a member of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities’ Richmond Chapter and Strategic Planning Committee.  Miriam has a long history with VCIC’s Prejudice Awareness Summit, dating back to when the program was founded by Jewish Women International.
As Miriam notes, “living in an inclusive community can bring us closer to a society where all are valued regardless of who they are.”  She adds, “As the child of Holocaust survivors, refugees of bigotry and prejudice and the ultimate of genocide, I feel the unique responsibility to ensure that the world is improved because I was in it.  I am the living legacy and want to be sure that my life has meaning which provides something for someone else. This is but a small part of how I can contribute to a better world.”


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