VCIC programs are designed to move participants through a process of “awareness to action.”  After participating in our Harold M. Marsh, Sr. Connections Institute and a few other diversity workshops, two Richmond-area students decided to plan their own diversity conference to share what they have learned with their classmates and peers.
Over the last few months, St. Catherine’s School seniors Domenic Crump and Diamond Stevens worked with VCIC President & CEO Jonathan Zur and educators at their school to plan a student diversity conference.  First, they interviewed a number of community leaders representing a range of diverse backgrounds.  Those interviews explored the views and perspectives of Richmond-area residents, with particular focus on ability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.  A video created by Domenic and Diamond to share these diverse views was featured at their conference on March 29.
Breakout sessions then explored different areas of diversity with more depth.  In addition to Domenic and Diamond, some of their classmates (including other VCIC program graduates) facilitated those small group discussions.  The focus was to raise awareness and build a stronger sense of community for all in attendance.
As Domenic noted in an article on the St. Catherine’s School website, “We came up with this idea because we love going to diversity conferences at other schools, and we thought it would be exciting to see what it takes to create one of our own… The objective of the day was to educate our peers about relevant issues concerning inclusion in our community.”


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