You may see it in your workplace.  Or perhaps your local school.  Virginia’s demographics are changing, and the percentage of immigrants calling the Commonwealth home is ever-growing.  In fact, a new report from the Weldon Cooper for Public Service’s Demographics Research Group states that in 2012, “1 in every 9 Virginians [was] foreign-born.”
The study notes the dramatic change over the last 4 decades: back in 1970, “only 1 in 100 Virginians was born outside of the United States.”  And, the countries of origin for Virginia’s immigrant population have also widely shifted, moving from being primarily European in the 1970′s and 1980′s to being overwhelmingly Asian (42%) and Latin American (35%) today.
We certainly are seeing these shifts in Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities’ programs. Whether it is exploring interpretation services in the education, healthcare, and law enforcement sectors, or broadening conversations about workplace diversity initiatives, Virginia’s demographic changes present new opportunities and responsibilities for our schools, businesses, and communities.


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