Each year, the Annie E. Casey Foundation publishes the “Kids Count” survey, a look at data and statistics on the educational, social, economic and physical well-being of children across the country.  Recently released figures for 2014 show mixed results in Virginia.
Among the improvements for Virginia’s children are an increase in the number attending preschool, a decrease in the number of children without health insurance, and improvements in the number of high schoolers graduating on time.
However, of particular concern is the fact that the child poverty rate worsened to 15 percent. Additionally, “the number of children whose parents lack secure employment grew to 25 percent.” These figures mirror national trends, and have great implications for schools and youth service providers.
Overall, Virginia moved up two spots to 9th in the country based on its data.  Unfortunately, that is likely as much factor of other states doing worse as it is Virginia improving.
No matter the state, our kids deserve better.


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