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The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities has proudly honored the following individuals and organizations at the Lynchburg Chapter Humanitarian Awards Dinners (biographical information accurate at the time the award was presented):


Oscar H. Anderson (1990)
William A. Anderson (1990)
Bernard E. Bain (1981)
Marion T. Baker (1993)
Raymond E. Baker (1972)
Ruth H. Ball (2000)
Aubrey Barbour (1998)
Edward M. Barksdale, Sr. (2007)
Robert H. Barlow (2013)
William H. Barney (1982)
Christopher Barrett (1996)
George M. Bean (2001)
Carolyn W. Bell (2014)
Joseph A. Berryman (2018)
Anne H. Bishop (2003)
William J. Bodine (2022)
G. Everett Bond (1980)
Kathleen Gill Bowman (2003)
Charlie C. Boyd, Jr. (2014)
Robert O. Brennan (2012)
M. Carey Brewer (1978)
Nathan C. Brooks III (1987) (2016++)
Jimmie B. Bryan (1983)
Ray Buchanan (1998)
Percy N. Burton (1969)
Howard M. Butler (1995)
James E. Camm (2023)
Vivian M. Camm (1993)
James K. Candler (1989)
John S. Capps (2021)
Dorothy S. & William R. Cardwell (2019)
Owen C. Cardwell, Jr. (2021)
Samuel P. Cardwell (1995)
Susan A. Carrington (2001)
Robert E. Clarke (2002)
Gilliam M. Cobbs, Sr.(1988)
Kenneth Cooper (1977)
Beverly R. Cosby (1975)
P. G. Cosby III (1975)
George A. Costan (2004)
E. Allen Culverhouse (1990)
J. Robert Davenport (1992)
Ronald T. Davidson (2007)
Lorenza E. Davis, Sr. (2011)
Mrs. T. N. Davis (1981)
George and Rosemary Dawson (2008)
Christina Delzingaro (2022)
Leighton B. Dodd (1992)
Bert Dodson, Jr. (2018)
MaryJane Dolan (1997)
Ronald V. Dolan (1997)
Thomas O. Doyle (1980)
William M. Doyle, Jr. (1969)
Elizabeth L. Dudley (1973)
Laura N. Dupuy (2015)
E.C. Glass High School Football Coaches 1971-1976 (2015*)
Kaye & David Edwards (1994)
Richard N. Edwards, Jr. (2017)
Bernard L. Eisler (1988)
Gene Erb (2023)
Augustine J. Fagan (1985)
Leslie Faircloth (1999)
W. Calvin Falwell (1985)
Brenda M. Farmer (2018)
Dolores D. and Fred L. Fauber (2010)
Rodger W. Fauber (1991)
Stuart C. Fauber (2008)
Yvonne T. Ferguson (1997)
Libby M. Fitzgerald (2016)
Paul F. Fitzgerald (1989)
Walter M. Fore, Jr. (2015)
Elizabeth M. Forsyth (1998)
Joan F. Foster (2012)
Delores E. Fowler (2019)
Samuel P. Fuller (1997)
Gene D. Gallagher (2006)
Robert D. and Leah Belle Gardner (2007)
Kenneth R. Garren (2010)
William E. Gayle, Jr. (2005)
Thomas J. Gerdy (2003)
Anne A. Gibbons (1996)
Richard P. Gifford (1971)
Frances J. Giles (2019)
Michael A. Gillette (2006)
William H. Gorman (2011)
Leah S. Gropen (1986)
Ellen S. Gross (1997)
Max Guggenheimer, Jr. (2004)
Thomas A. Gutherz (2004)
Marie W. Harris (2000)
Frances Hayes (1999)
Hermina W. Hendricks (2010)
Mary G. Holmes (2021)
Josephine J. Holt (1995)
Yuille Holt, Jr. (1979)
Yuille Holt, III (2000)
Ken Horne (1998)
Peter W. Houck (1996)
Hylan T. Hubbard, III (2012)
George A. Hurt (2006)
Clara B. Jackson (2002)
Ellen Jamerson (1999)
Terry H. Jamerson (2009)
William E. Jamerson (1999)
Thomas C. Jividen (2001)
Donald Johnson (1992)
E. El-Dorado Johnson (1991)
Winston R. Jones (2004)
Alton J. Jourdan (2000)
Sandy Kanehl (2023)
John E. Keith (2016)
Sandra A. Knodel (2006)
Linda & Paul Kolodny (2012)
Minnie Bassett Lane (2007)
Arelia S. Langhorne (1989)
Ray F. Leininger (1978)
Richard M. Lerner (2009)
Robert A. Leveque (2013)
William G. Long (1988)
Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship (2003*)
Alice T. Mabry (2017)
Joan W. MacCallum (1995)
Pauline F. Maloney (1987)
JoAnn B. Martin (2022)
Nathaniel X. Marshall (2005)
Walter G. Mason (1974)
Molly McClenon (2018)
Heather M. McCormick (2023)
Ora S. McCoy (2016)
Leslie H. McCue, Jr. (1977)
Henry E. McWane II (1968)
The Mitchell Sisters (2021)
Herbert R. Moore, Jr. (1991) (2015++)
John Kenneth Morland (1994)
Robert D. Morrison (1973)
Thomas A. Morrison (1974)
Annie F. Moseley (2003)
James H. Mundy (2010)
Laura B. Munson (2008)
Walter F. Murphy (1968)
Benedict Nagler (1970)
David B. Neumeyer (2014)
Jessica J. Newmark (1989)
F. Harold Nott (1970)
Ellen G. Nygaard (2005)
Mrs. Joseph Oppleman (1971)
Zelda T. Oppleman (1982)
L. Kimball Payne (2019)
Roland K. Peters (1986)
Augustus A. Petticolas Jr. (1996)
Edward A. Polloway (2003)
Ida B. Powell (2013)
Andrew Prophett (1999)
Kathryn M. Pumphrey (2018)
William F. Quillian, Jr. (1972)
George Nichols Rainsford (1993)
Dennis S. Roberts (2017++)
Robert C. Roberts (2011)
Haywood Robinson, Jr. (1975)
Louis W. Robinson Sr. (2006)
William Rosenberger, Jr. (1982)
Lila A. Rosenthal (1978)
Lucy Guggenheimer Ross (2004)
Shanda K. Rowe (2002)
Aileen Rucker (1989)
Mark Russell, Jr. (2000)
Mort Sajadian (2017)
Nina V. Salmon (2022)
Richard Z. Samuels (1972)
Abraham M. Schewel (1968)
Benjamin D. Schewel (1969)
Bertram R. Schewel (1973)
Betty R. Schewel (1987)
Marc A. Schewel (1999)
Rosel H. and Elliot S. Schewel (1974) (2016**)
Clarence W. Seay (1971)
Irma W. Seiferth (2009) (posthumously)
Sally C. Selden (2019)

Morris Shapiro (1980)
James V. Shircliff (1986)
Fred L. Showalter (1970)
Julius A. Sigler (1996)
Joseph A. Spagnolo (1990)
James J. Stapleton, Jr. (1987)
Dolores F. Stern (1984)
Walter Storozum (1991)
Lynn Hume Stuart (2007)
John L. Suttenfield (1981)
William W. Sweeney (1984)
Walker P. Sydnor, Jr. (2015)
James H. Taylor (2010)
M. W. Thornhill, Jr. (1986)
Willie E. Thornhill (2013)
T.D. and Virginia Thornton (2022)
Stuart J. Turille (2005)
Marjette G. Upshur (2017)
Shannon R. Valentine (2009)
Ann R. van de Graaf (2001)
Kay and J.P. Vaughan (2021)
Diane M. Walker (2014)
J. Marie Waller (2016)
N. S. Walter (1994)
J. Anthony Warner (1991)
Charles Warren (1998)
D. L. Warren (1997)
Elaine C. Watson (1979)
Robert C. Watts, Jr. (1976)
James A. Webster (2015)
G. Kenneth West (2009)
Jane B. White (1988)
Kenneth S. White (1988)
Sterling A. Wilder (2008)
Rachel C. Wilson (2005)
Robert A. Wilson (2002)
Gloria T. Witt (2014)
Robert C. Wood, III (2018)
Patricia S. Worsham (2011)
James W. Wright (2011)

* indicates Distinguished Merit Citation
** indicates Distinguished Virginian Award
++ indicates Jeffrey B. Spence Award for Interfaith Understanding

Ruth H. Ball (2000) – Ruth H. Ball, a long-time Lynchburg resident, has spread her volunteer efforts from one end of the age spectrum to the other. She serves on the Board of Directors of Camp Kum-Ba-Yah, where she has shared her talents in photography in support of inner city youth statewide. In addition she volunteers with the Emergency Fuel Assistance Program for the Elderly. Mrs. Ball’s quiet involvement and community spirit have led her to service in her church, as well as to leadership roles with the League of Women Voters.  (back to top)

Marion T. Baker (1993) – Ms. Baker performed the remarkable feat of first obtaining her law degree and then returning to college 51 years later to complete her bachelor’s degree. Columbus University had, in the 1930’s, the only law school in the District of Columbia – perhaps in the United States – that permitted students straight out of high school to study law; Ms. Baker took full advantage of that opportunity through night school courses. She received her J.D. degree from what is now the Columbus School of Law of Catholic University. She has been a lifelong learner; her B.A. degree and graduate certificate in gerontology from Lynchburg College were received in 1988 and 1989, respectively. She began her career in law in her native District of Columbia. The recognition of her legal acumen is shown by her appointment to the Truman Committee investigating the War Effort and her later selection as an attorney for the Interstate Commerce Commission. Arriving in Lynchburg in the 1960’s, both Ms. Baker and her husband, Raymond, were volunteer-oriented as they reared their five children. Ms. Baker worked as an attorney for Virginia Legal Aid for ten years; for the past nine years, she has donated her service on a full-time basis to that organization. Other groups that have benefitted from her belief that one should “put something back” are the Boards of Daily Bread and the YWCA, the Meals-on-Wheels program and the YWCA Battered Women’s Program, for which she also volunteers her legal services. She is an active member of Holy Cross Catholic Church.  (back to top)

Raymond E. Baker (1972) – Native of Montana, graduate of University of Washington with law degree from Georgetown University, able attorney, member of the Bar of the state of Virginia, New York, Montana, and D.C., moved to Lynchburg in 1969 with the General Electric Company, currently serves as its Communications Systems Division Counsel, active in multiple community organizations including Boy Scouts, Little League Baseball and the Legal Aid Society of Greater Lynchburg, chairman of the Citizens Advisory Committee, past chairman of the board of the Lynchburg Committee Action Group and the Lynchburg NCCJ Chapter, currently chairman of the school board of Holy Cross Catholic Church.  (back to top)

Aubrey Barbour (1998) – Aubrey Barbour has been an employee of the City of Lynchburg for 30 years, working as a community center coordinator for the Department of Parks and Recreation. This work allowed him to invest in his own Tinbridge Hill neighborhood as he directed activities and programs of the Yoder Recreation Center. He is President of the Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood Council and developed The Tinbridge Hill Youth Inventive Program which has been a model for other neighborhoods.  (back to top)

Edward M. Barksdale, Sr. (2007) – A Lynchburg native, Edward M. Barksdale, Sr. was educated at Tuskeegee University, American University, and William E. Bolger Management Academy. Following three years in the U.S. Air Force, he pursued a 44-year career with the U.S. Postal Service. He has served on Boards of YMCAs, Step with Links, Inc., NCCJ, The Reveler’s Club, and two full terms on Lynchburg City Council. A life member of the Board of Directors of College Hill Neighborhood School of Lynchburg (designed for less fortunate pre-school children), he and his wife Georgia also organized the “Rivermont Boy’s Club” and sponsored trips around Virginia to give young boys educational and travel experience. He is an active member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Lynchburg. The Barksdales have two children and four grandchildren.   (back to top)

Robert H. Barlow (2013) – Bob Barlow is currently the Executive Director of the Free Clinic of Central Virginia. He has been affiliated with the Free Clinic since 2002, when he joined as a board member. One of Barlow’s greatest contributions to the community was building bridges and making connections for Sweet Briar College between the public schools, recreation department, county government, and the private sector. He has also served on the boards of the Amherst County Recreation Department, the Amherst Literacy Council, Central Virginia Community Services and Lynchburg Sheltered Industries.  (back to top)

Christopher Barrett (1996) – Christopher Barrett, Director of Tabor Retreat Center, received his B.A. in Theology and Master of Divinity from the University of Notre Dame. He previously was employed as Executive Director of Lynchburg Peace Education Center. Barrett has been a coordinator of Pax Christi Virginia, the Catholic peace movement, an organizer of the Annual Foot Race Against the Arms Race and the Annual Pilgrimage to the U. S. Peace Place, a sponsor for Haitian refugees, and a volunteer coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. He was a recipient of the Lynchburg Peace Prize and the Black History Award of First Baptist Church. He is married to co-honoree Anne Gibbons and has three children.  (back to top)

George M. Bean (2001) – The Reverend Dr. George M. Bean, retired rector of St. John’s Church, has faithfully served the Lynchburg community since his arrival in the area in 1970. In addition to his continuing commitments to the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, since retirement Dr. Bean has shared his beliefs of equality and justice as a member of the Boards of Kaleidoscope, Crisis Line, and the NCCJ. He has taken active leadership roles as an officer on the Boards of the United Way and Kum-Ba-Yah (Interfaith Outreach Association), and has chaired the Lynchburg Public Library Board, as well as a previous NCCJ annual dinner.  (back to top)

Carolyn W. Bell (2014) – Dr. Carolyn Bell retired as Susan Duval Adams professor of English at Randolph-Macon Women’s College after a 35 year tenure. Motivated by a belief that service is essential to a truly abundant life, she currently serves as vice president and chair of the board of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and board member of the Central Virginia YWCA. Past community service demonstrates her ongoing commitment to inclusion. Carolyn’s fifteen-year service as a board member of the Legacy Museum led naturally to two terms on the board of the Old City Cemetery/Southern Memorial Association. She continues to meet with the Friends of Tinbridge Hill to help with new projects and to sustain the friendships she made in Lynchburg’s oldest African American neighborhood. As a grantor for many Legacy exhibits and for two Cemetery projects, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities has proven to be another organization for which Carolyn has enjoyed serving.  (back to top)

Joseph A. Berryman (2018) – Joe Berryman grew up on a farm in Elam with 8 siblings, attended Sulfur Spring School and graduated from R.R. Morton High School in Farmville in 1946. After serving in the US Army, he earned a BS from Virginia State College. After exploring a few career options, Joe began teaching vocational-technical in high school and never looked back. He helped create the Campbell County Vocational Technical School, and served as principal until his retirement in 1990. In retirement, Joe Berryman has continued to the serve his community. He was vice president for financial affairs at Virginia Seminary; president at Legacy Museum; and a former School Board Member, Lynchburg City Schools. Mr. Berryman is one of the founding members of the Legacy Museum and continues to serve as its treasurer. He is also very active at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church where he serves as the Diaconate Ministry Chairman and Church School Superintendent.  (back to top)

William J. Bodine (2022) – Bill Bodine is President & CEO of the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation. In that capacity, he has worked to enhance the lives of central Virginians, with a particular focus on the arts, education, and historical preservation. Active in the community, Bill has served on several boards, including Virginians for the Arts, Riverviews Artspace, the Academy Center for the Arts, Cherry Tree Players, the Commerce Street Theater, and as President of the Lynchburg College Alumni Board of Directors. He has volunteered for Friday Cheers, the Academy Center for the Arts, Park View Community Mission, The United Way, and the Virginia Ten-Miler, among others. Bill has performed professionally with Endstation Theatre Company, Opera on the James, and Wolfbane Productions. He has been seen on stage in over 60 productions locally and has sung with the Jefferson Choral Society.  (back to top)

Anne H. Bishop (2003) – Throughout her nursing career, Anne H. Bishop has worked steadily to increase her educational knowledge and skills and has returned this training to the nursing community through a variety of faculty and administrative positions. Career recognition and awards include two from the Virginia Nurses Association, as well as YWCA Woman of the Year in Health/Science, and Lynchburg College Distinguished Faculty Scholar. Her growing concern about the loss of personal and moral sense of nursing led Bishop to collaborate with Jack Scudder at Lynchburg College to publish numerous articles and seven books. The status of health care for the poor in Central Virginia led her to work with members of her church and community to establish the Free Clinic of Central Virginia in 1987. Bishop has served as founding board member, secretary, president and interim executive director, in addition to establishing Clinic programs for education and outreach.  (back to top)

Kathleen Gill Bowman (2003) – In 1994, Kathleen Gill Bowman became the eighth president of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. As the author of a six-book series on contemporary women for middle school audiences, her lifelong interest in the welfare of women is reflected. Early in her career in education, she was instrumental in developing the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies and the Humanities Center at the University of Oregon. A Fulbright scholar to Japan and Korea in 1993, Bowman has emphasized international programs and cooperation, with a long-standing commitment to understanding the effects of social and racial bias in education. Under her leadership, R-MWC has significantly strengthened Asian and International Studies and has completed a comprehensive globalization effort resulting in the College’s recognition as one of 16 in the nation that are exemplars of successful internationalization.  (back to top)

Charlie C. Boyd, Jr. (2014) – Charlie C. Boyd, Jr. is the ES&H/HPI Coordinator with Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations Group. His past board service includes the Women’s Resource Center, the Virginia School of the Arts, and the Central Virginia Achiever’s Program (CVAP). Mr. Boyd is dedicated to helping bring inclusion to the Lynchburg community. A chance encounter with a board member at a grocery store brought him into contact with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. He is a 20-year volunteer with VCIC programs, participating in Connections Institute (formerly Metrotown), and then joining the Lynchburg Chapter and State Boards. He has also participated in all of the Allies Institute and Project Inclusion programs held for Lynchburg College and Lynchburg City Schools. (back to top)

Robert O. Brennan (2012) – Dr. Robert O. Brennan is Vice President of Medical Affairs for the Coalition for HIV Awareness and Prevention. Inc.   His practice specializes in patients with infectious diseases, including HIV. He is recognized as one of the Best Doctors in America from Best Doctors, Inc. and as a Strathmore Who’s Who for demonstrating leadership and achievement in his industry. In his time away from the hospital, Dr. Brennan serves the community as a board member and volunteer at the Lynchburg Daily Bread, sponsorship Chairman for the Virginia Ten Miler benefiting the Coalition for HIV Awareness & Prevention (CHAPS), Vice President of Medical Affairs for CHAPS, and as a physician volunteer at the Free Clinic of Central Virginia.   Dr. Brennan received his medical degree from the University of Virginia, his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and completed his fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Duke University.  (back to top)

M. Carey Brewer (1978) – Native of Lynchburg, a graduate of Lynchburg College with Ph.D. from Harvard University, service in U.S. Navy from 1945-46, before returning to Lynchburg College as president in 1964. Dr. Brewer held a number of key positions in Washington including the Director of Emergency Plans and Readiness, U. S. Executive office of the President, gifted scholar, author, college administrator and community leader, among others has served as president of the Greater Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce, Citizens Committee and Chairman of the Lynchburg Museum System Advisory Board, general chairman of the local Salvation Army’s 1977 capital campaign, an elder in the First Christian Church and a member of his denomination’s Higher Education and General Board.  (back to top)

Nathan C. Brooks, III++ (2016) – Rev. Brooks served as Minister of Peakland Baptist Church in Lynchburg for 33 years, and he was Co-Founder and Executive Director of Pastoral Counseling Services of Central Virginia for 44 years before merging with Presbyterian Homes and Family Services, Inc. (now HumanKind), where he currently is the Coordinator of Pastoral Counseling Services. Nathan has served on numerous boards, including The Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship, The Holocaust Educational Foundation of Central Virginia, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Lynchburg Community Council, Interfaith Outreach Association (which he helped to establish), The Lynchburg Area Mental Health Association, Family Services of Central Virginia later identified as Family Alliance, and The Miller Home for Girls. (back to top)

Ray Buchanan (1998) – Ray Buchanan is Co-Founder and Director of Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief organization based in Bedford, VA. He is an ordained United Methodist minister and member in full connection with the Virginia Conference; Co-Founder and Co Director of the Society of St. Andrew, an Intentional Community for Covenant Living.  (back to top)

Percy N. Burton (1969) – Native of Bedford, successful businessman, retired President of Craddock-Terry Shoe Corporation, a leader in multiple business, educational and charitable causes, past president of the National Footwear Manufacturing Association, a founder of Central Virginia Industries, active member of Board of Trustees of Lynchburg College and First Presbyterian.  (back to top)

Howard M. Butler (1995) – Howard M. Butler, an independent agent for Nationwide Insurance Company and Owner of an agency in Lynchburg, holds many memberships in local and national organizations, including the National Association of Life Underwriters, The Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce, The Lynchburg Life Underwriters Association, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and the Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company and the Lynchburg College Alumni Association. Mr. Butler is a member of the Court Street Baptist Church where he serves on the Deacon Board and is the General Treasurer of the church.  (back to top)

James E. Camm (2023) – James E. Camm is Executive Director at One Community One Voice and Bishop at Living Word Ministries. When Bishop Camm was 18 years old, he enlisted in the military, serving for twenty years in the U.S. Army. After spending 13 years in Alaska, Bishop Camm accepted an executive position at Westminster Canterbury and returned to his hometown of Lynchburg, VA in 2001. His ministry led him to found Living Word Ministries and to launch Word Ministries International which now oversees ministries in Alaska, Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia. In 2016, Bishop Camm co-founded One Community One Voice – Lynchburg community outreach. A recipient of the Mayor’s Award of Excellence, College Hill Neighborhood Hero Award, and designee representing the City of Lynchburg as it received the Virginia Municipal League Innovation Award for Quality of Life, Bishop Camm is a much-sought-after guest speaker both locally and nationally. He currently serves on the boards of No Walls Ministry, Meals on Wheels, YWCA, and CPAG – Community Policing Advisory Group.   (back to top)

Vivian M. Camm (1993) – Dr. Camm is the first African-American and the first woman to serve as deputy superintendent of the Lynchburg Public School System. A native of Lillington, North Carolina, she received her bachelor’s degree from Shaw University and M.Ed. and Ed.D. degrees from Curry School of Education, University of Virginia. Her service as an educator spans 32 years leading to her current position of deputy superintendent, held since 1991. Since her arrival in Lynchburg 31 years ago, Dr. Camm has been an active participant in church, community and professional endeavors. She is a senior choir member and lay speaker at Court Street Baptist Church; a member of the Board of Lynchburg covenant Fellowship, Links, Inc. with special emphasis on the STREP program, United Way of Central Virginia, Centra Health, Family Practices Residency, NationsBank, Big Brothers and Sisters, and Buddies, Inc. She serves on the Lynchburg College Parent Advisory Council and holds membership on the National Staff Development Organization, the National Association of School Development Organization, the National Association of School Administrators, Personnel of Virginia Administrators and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum. Dr. Camm has been honored for her outstanding accomplishments and community service, including her selection by the Lynchburg YWCA Academy of Women for its biennial award in education. She and her husband, Leslie, have a daughter, two sons and one grandchild.   (back to top)

John S. Capps (2021) – John S. Capps became the seventh president of Central Virginia Community College in March 2011. He brings to the office 34 years of higher education experience, including service as an interim president, vice president, dean, program head, and professor of English. Among John’s noteworthy accomplishments, he worked to establish the Lynchburg City Schools Early College Program, the Great Expectations Program for foster youth, and the Lynchburg Regional Governor’s STEM Academy. His board memberships have included the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, United Way, Goodwill Industries, the Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation, the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority, the Central Virginia Workforce Development Board, and Beacon of Hope. Capps also serves as a trustee of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.  (back to top)

Dorothy S. & William R. Cardwell  (2019) – Will & Dolly Cardwell met at the Church of the Covenant during college. They served together as counselors at the Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship (LCF) day camp (now Camp Kum-Ba-Yah) for several summers. Will’s career in computer science and systems analysis spanned B&W, Ericsson, Benchmark Systems and IBM, from which he finally retired in 2008. He has been active in Toastmasters Club, E. C. Glass Band Booster Program, ministries of Church of the Covenant and LCF, where he has served on the Board for 50 years. He is also a leader in restoring the Dixon Historical Cemetery in Campbell County and is helping to open a Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School in the community this summer. Dolly worked at The Macon Bookshop at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College for nineteen years. She has enjoyed volunteering with Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts, the Lynchburg Junior Woman’s Club, Lynchburg Learning Disabilities Association, Bedford Hills PTA, and The Gateway. She currently works with the young children and with the retreat center of the Church of the Covenant. (back to top)

Owen C. Cardwell, Jr. (2021) – Owen C. Cardwell, Jr. is the Rosel Schewel Distinguished Chair of Education at the University of Lynchburg. Owen also serves as co-director of the Center for Education and Leadership, which supports the University of Lynchburg’s ongoing effort to serve Lynchburg and Central Virginia with educational and leadership development programs. Owen also serves as Pastor at Diamond Hill Baptist Church. Owen was the founder and executive director of the Heroes and Dreams Academy in Richmond, a service-learning based mentoring program for at-risk youth. He was also the co-founder of the Family Restoration Network in Ashland, Virginia, an organization designed to restore fractured families and reconnect incarcerated fathers with their children. At New Canaan International Church, which Owen founded over 25 years ago in Henrico, they welcomed inmates on work release from the local jail to worship with them, provide a meal, and fatherhood training. (back to top)

Samuel P. Cardwell (1995) – Samuel P. Cardwell retired as Vice Chairman of Crestar Financial Corporation and Crestar Bank in 1990. Following his retirement, he organized the retired Lynchburg employees of Crestar Bank to sponsor and build a Habitat House, which was then matched by another house sponsored and built by the active employees. In 1994, Mr. Cardwell and his wife sponsored and helped build the Habitat home of James and Ludie Goode on Campbell Avenue. Sam Cardwell chairs the Industrial Development Authority of Lynchburg and is Vice Chairman of the Centra Health Foundation. He serves on the boards of The Lynchburg Business Development Center and the Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation and is a trustee of Miriam’s House, a home for homeless women and their children. Mr. Cardwell is also an advisor to The Gateway Inn, a home for homeless men and is an Associate of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges.  (back to top)

Susan A. Carrington (2001) – An “almost” native of Lynchburg, honoree Susan A. Carrington continues to serve the community where she grew up. A tireless volunteer, she is currently president of Jubilee Family Development Center, an after-school program that she helped to establish for low-income neighborhoods. Mrs. Carrington’s concern and interest in family and children’s issues is evident in all her civic activities, from PTO and local school and Sunday school participation to the Promise Safe Places Committee of United Way America. She was also instrumental in establishing the “Choices” Career Center for Displaced Homemakers at the Women’s Resource Center.  (back to top)

Robert E. Clarke (2002) – Robert E. Clarke has made his career with Southern Air, Inc., since graduating from North Carolina State University and is currently Chairman of the Board. Under his leadership, the company has supported many philanthropic causes, and in 1996 celebrated their 50th anniversary by making a sizeable challenge gift to the United Way. Through his church, Chestnut Hill United Methodist, Mr. Clarke has volunteered with youth outreach projects in Tennessee and Virginia. In addition, his community service includes past board memberships with Central Virginia Industries, the Education Foundation of Central Virginia Community College, and Big Brothers of Central Virginia. At present, Mr. Clarke is past chair of the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Board, chair of Work Force Investment Board of Region 7, and is on the Western Region Advisory Board of Wachovia, the Steering Committee for the new comprehensive plan for Lynchburg, and the Industrial Development Authority Board.   (back to top)

Kenneth Cooper (1977) – Dedicated physician and concerned community leader, attended Lynchburg College, received M.D. University of Virginia Medical School, interned and residency at City Hospital, New York, Captain in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during World War II, began 36 year practice of medicine in Lynchburg in 1940, elected president of the medical staff of Marshall Lodge Memorial Hospital in 1962, active leader in multiple community organizations including the Lynchburg NCCJ Chapter-Co-Chairman 1951-53, a member of Agudath Sholom Synagogue.  (back to top)

Beverly R. Cosby (1975) – Native of Lynchburg, attended Lynchburg College and graduated from American University in Washington, B.D. degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York, since 1950 the developer of a unique and innovative ministry known as the Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship that has extended religious faith, witness and action on a non denominational, ecumenical basis to persons of all age levels, particularly those excluded from the usual opportunities of cultural and economic advancement, a past president of the Lynchburg Ministerial Association, a living example of the ideal of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.  (back to top)

P. G. Cosby, III (1975) – Native of Lynchburg, a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College, attended Dallas Theological Seminary and received his B.D. degree from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, served Presbyterian churches in Richmond, Birmingham, Alabama and Northminster Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, elected moderator of the Presbyterian Synod in 1973, returned to Lynchburg in 1966 as executive director of the ynchburg Covenant Fellowship, also currently serves as minister of the Massies Mill and Harmony Presbyterian churches in Nelson County, a living example of the ideal of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.   (back to top)

George A. Costan (2004) – A native of Lynchburg, George A. Costan is a graduate of E.C. Glass High School and Virginia Polytechnic Institute where he graduated with honors in Industrial Engineering. He worked for Holland Furnace Company as a Branch Manager in Roanoke. Mr. Costan served his country as an officer in the United States Army for the duration of World War II. In 1948, he bought an interest in Southern Air Conditioners and became sole owner in 1951. At a time when segregation was the order of the day, George Costan was hiring and promoting black workers. In 1963, he built the Colonial Hills Golf Club, which was the first Lynchburg area club to open its membership rolls to African Americans. He also supported minority participation in the Greater Lynchburg Golf Tournament. Active in the service of others, he has served various organizations in Lynchburg in order to make our community an inclusive one, not just for some of the people, but for all of the people.  (back to top)

Ronald T. Davidson (2007) – Residing in Concord, VA, Ronald T. Davidson serves as minister of Gleaning for the World, Inc., which provides supplies, equipment, food, and clothing to faith-based ministries to care for the impoverished. A graduate of Lynchburg College with a Master of Divinity degree from Wesley Theological Seminary, Ron accepted sabbatical leave to begin his gleaning ministry in 1999. Author of several publications, he has been recognized for his service as Police Chaplain in Fairfax County, by the American Cancer Society for a cancer prevention manual, and by the Concord Ruritan Club for service to the Fire and Rescue Departments. He and his wife Jackie have two children and four grandchildren. (back to top)

Lorenza E. Davis, Sr. (2011) – Vice President & Partner of Lynchburg Public Warehouse, Lorenza E. Davis, Sr. graduated from Susie G. Gibson High School in Bedford, VA before serving in the military as a Pharmacy Specialist. He is a member of Region 2000 Workforce Investment Board, member and past President of the Revelers Club, and a member of the Altha Grove Baptist Church in Forest, VA.   Lorenza also supports the United Way of Central VA, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg, Jubilee Center, and the local Volunteer Fire and Rescue Units. Lorenza and his wife have two sons and three grandchildren.(back to top)

George and Rosemary Dawson (2008) – Rosemary Cockerill and George W. Dawson met in third grade, and they married after completing undergraduate education, she at Radford and he at Wofford College. While George’s military service with the US Army Medical Services Corps and his graduate degree from MCV/VCU took them around the country, Rosemary taught physical education and coached. In every location, they have both been active members of their church community. They came to Lynchburg with their young son in 1980, where George is now President and CEO of Centra Health, and since her retirement from full time teaching, Rosemary is a “professional volunteer.” She is passionate in supporting organizations that make a difference in the lives of children, particularly New Vistas School, and has served also on boards of YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Lynchburg, and Seven Hill’s School. As a volunteer at Bridges Treatment Center, she mentors children providing support and recreation. A founding member of the MAAM committee of the Centra Health Foundation, she promotes mammograms for all women in the community. George was a central figure in creating the Foundation, which provides community-wide education, facilities, and health care for those who cannot afford it. He has also served on the boards of Lynchburg College, Central VA Community College Foundation, United Way, and the former NCCJ, among many others. Both Rosemary and George have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, and remain active at Peakland United Methodist Church.   (back to top)

Christina Delzingaro (2022) – Christina Delzingaro is the CEO of Community Access Network. Under her leadership, Community Access Network has grown to serve over 9,000 patients, providing over 40,000 medical and social services visits each year. Christina has been a member of the Blue Ridge Institute of Southern Human Services Executives for over 30 years and currently serves as President-elect. Her service also includes the Board of Directors of the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics where she serves as President, the Board of the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation, the Board of Roads to Recovery, a founding Board member of Pierce Street Gateway, as well as serving on the Lynchburg Department of Social Services Advisory Board, the Centra Health Institutional Review Board, and the Medical Education Advisory Board for Lynchburg Family Practice Residency.  (back to top)

Bert Dodson, Jr. (2018) – Bert Dodson serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Dodson Bros. Exterminating Co., Inc., where he has been employed since he graduated from the University of Richmond in 1976. Mr. Dodson served on Lynchburg City Council from July 1, 1998, to June 30, 2010, and was on the Board of Directors of Virginia’s Region 2000. He currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for Lynchburg Sister City-Plus, Past President for Virginia High School League (VHSL) Foundation, and is a member of the Lynchburg Chapter of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. Mr. Dodson served as Dinner Chair of the annual Lynchburg Humanitarian Awards Dinner in 2011. Dodson Bros has annually taken a percentage of their profits and donated to nonprofit groups. They also have given in-kind support to Habitat for Humanity for over 20 years, soil treating for termites for every house that has been built. (back to top)

MaryJane Dolan (1997) – MaryJane Dolan is President of Colonial Brokerage House, Inc. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the YMCA, Centra Health Foundation, Amazement Square, Lynchburg College Business Advisory Board and is a Trustee for Lynchburg College. She is a member of Pax Christi. She is married to honoree Ronald V. Dolan and they have five children and six grandchildren.  (back to top)

Ronald V. Dolan (1997) – Ronald V. Dolan is President and Chief Executive Officer of First Colony Insurance Company. He is also Executive Vice President of the Consumer Savings and Insurance Company, Chairman of Life of Virginia and Chairman of First Colony Life’s Subsidiary, American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of New York. A native of Charleroi, Pennsylvania, Ron received his B.A. Degree from St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA. He is a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. Currently he serves on the boards of First Colony Life Insurance Company, Amazement Square, Centra Health, Central Fidelity Bank of Richmond, Central Virginia Community College Foundation, Crisis Line, Life Office Management Association, Lynchburg Neighborhood Development, Lynchburg Public School Education Foundation, NCCJ, Partners in Education, Randolph Macon Woman’s College and Step With Links.  (back to top)

William M. Doyle, Jr. (1969) – Native of Lynchburg, graduate of Holy Cross Academy and Rockhill College, Ellicott, Maryland, served in U.S. Navy, World War I, successful florist, a leader in multiple business, civic and charitable causes, a founder of NCCJ in Lynchburg, co-chairman of Lynchburg’s 1936 Sesqui-Centennial Celebration, lifetime member of Holy Cross Catholic Church.  (back to top)

Elizabeth L. Dudley (1973) – Native of Fort Smith, Arkansas, graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, state and community leader in numerous cultural, educational and charitable causes, honorary chairman of the 1972 annual Roanoke Crafts Festival, chairman of the Virginia Commission of the Arts and Humanities, board member of the Lynchburg Historical Foundation, Volunteer Bureau and Holy Cross Church Religious Education Board.  (back to top)

Laura N. Dupuy (2015) – Ms. Dupuy is a member of the staff of the Virginia Community Development Corporation (VCDC) and provides technical assistance and consultation in real estate development financing to VCDC clients. She is the former executive director of the Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation (LNDF). Ms. Dupuy is an attorney, previously with the Virginia Legal Aid Society in Farmville and Lynchburg, where her practice focused on housing litigation and community-based economic development. She currently serves on several local and statewide boards including WordWorks-Lynchburg, Inc., the Lynchburg Area Food Council, and the Virginia Housing Coalition.   (back to top)

E.C. Glass High School Football Coaches 1971-1976* (2015) – Receiving the Distinguished Merit Citation, these individuals were involved in a story reminiscent of “Remember the Titans”. After the integration of Lynchburg City Schools, the new high school football team was not successful, and the crowds grew violent. Games were moved from Friday nights to Saturday afternoons. The school board hired John Palmer to join Otis Tucker, Jimmy Green, Horace (Bo) Henson, and Wally Gilbert. Coach Palmer noted that Glass was BLUE, not any other colors. He did not care who you were, what you played last year, or what school you came from; only if you worked hard and played hard you were welcomed to the team. The Toppers ended their season 9-1 and lost in the playoffs. Some suggest that if they had won, the movie would have been “Remember the Toppers”.  (back to top)

Kaye & David Edwards (1994) – Kaye Edwards is the Associate Minister for Christian Education and Youth at First Christian Church. David Edwards is Pastor of First Christian Church. Together they have led the church to be involved in ministries with persons who have mental disabilities. They established the annual Yom HaShoah service with the Abe Schewel Lodge of B’nai B’rith and Agudath Shalom Synagogue. In 1991 First Christian Church received the Lynchburg Peace Prize. Kay and David Edwards have two children: Shelly Talbot and Kent Ware. (back to top)

Richard N. Edwards, Jr. (2017) – Rick Edwarts has been actively involved in his community for all of his professional life. After retiring from AREVA in 2005, Rick has spent time recruiting leadership for the Habitat Board of Directors, raising funds and building houses. His first volunteer experience with Habitat for Humanity was the Jimmy Carter Blitz Build in 1987. Thirty years later, Rick has been a part of over 200 builds and currently serves as the Board President for the Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity, which will be celebrating their 300th home in 2017. Mr. Edwards has been active in churches as a deacon, deacon chair, moderator, Sunday school teacher, and Habitat crew leader. He also served as president of the Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra from 2009-2012.  (back to top)

Gene Erb (2023) – Gene Erb is a retired Hospital Executive and Pharmacist. Dr. Erb has a long history of engagement in the community, especially around healthcare. In the mid-1980s, Gene and 12 other people joined together to establish what is now known as the Free Clinic of Central Virginia. Originally an all-volunteer endeavor, the FCCV has provided millions of dollars worth of healthcare and much more to the people of Lynchburg. His current service includes the Board of Directors of Free Clinic of Central Virginia, the Board of Directors for Community Access Network, and the Board of Directors for The Link Project. Past service includes the Bedford Regional Area Chamber of Commerce, Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International, and Healthcare Administrators of Tidewater Association. He has been on medical missionary trips to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala with Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International, and was deployed to Mozambique with Samaritan’s Purse DART. (back to top)

Leslie Faircloth (1999) – Leslie Faircloth recently retired from the Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority after 29 years of service as its Executive Director. He graduated from Maury High School and then Old Dominion University in Norfolk. He is an honorary life member of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and has been a ten year board member and Past President of Virginia Association of Housing and Community Development Officials.  (back to top)

Brenda M. Farmer (2018) – Brenda Farmer has been a community volunteer for decades. She holds degrees from Lynchburg College and Virginia University of Lynchburg, and a Masters and Doctorate from Eastern Theological Seminary. Rev. Dr. Farmer gives her time, talent and energy to an array of organizations for people in need including: the Red Truck; Churches for Urban Ministry’s youth summer camp, Training Young Men Successfully initiative, and Community Food Pantry; women at the Amherst Jail; and the Court Appointed Special Advocate program. She serves on the Lynchburg Community Action Group board as the Policy Council representative for their Head Start Program, and is a former trustee and Financial Secretary of Court Street Baptist Church. (back to top)

Dolores D. & Fred L. Fauber (2010) – Both retired educators, Fred L. Fauber and Dolores (Dodie) D. Fauber have lived in Lynchburg since 1949. Dodie received an A.B. in English from the College of William and Mary, and Fred received a B.S. in Elementary Education and M.A. in School Administration from Lynchburg College and an Ed. S. in Elementary Curriculum and Supervision from the University of Virginia. Dodie worked for four years as Educational Director at Centenary United Methodist Church and taught kindergarten with the Lynchburg City School System until 1976. Fred Also taught in the Lynchburg City School System where he served as an upper elementary teacher for six years and as an elementary school principal for 25 years. For more than twenty years, the Faubers have been coordinators of the Lynchburg Symphony Youth Concerts. They both help with the annual Red Kettle campaign for the Salvation Army and drive for Meals on Wheels. For their service, they have been recognized by the following institutions and organizations: Lynchburg College in 2003 with the Distinguished Alumni Award; the Virginia 10-Miler for 27 years of service; named Va. Missionaries of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church for the Feeding the Hungry program at Park View Community Mission; and a chair in the Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra was named in their honor. Fred and Dodie are members of Fort Hill United Methodist Church. (back to top)

Stuart C. Fauber (2008) – A native son of Lynchburg, Stuart C. Fauber graduated from Washington and Lee University and served on active duty for 3 years in the U S Navy, before beginning his banking career. In addition to other banking education, he later earned two master’s degrees from Lynchburg College and is a member of the inaugural class of Lead Virginia, a statewide leadership program. When Stuart retired from SunTrust Bank in early 2008, he joined the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust as President and CEO. His extensive list of service to the community includes past board chairmanships of Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg Inc. Stuart currently serves on boards for Lynchburg College (incoming Board of Trustees chair), Centra Health, Lead Virginia, and STEP with Links Inc. Other organizations which have benefited from his service include Central VA Community College Foundation, Sheltered Workshop of Lynchburg, United Way of Central Virginia, St. John’s Episcopal Church, and Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. After 33 years he retired as a Captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve with numerous decorations and medals. Stuart and his wife Beth are parents of two and grandparents of six.  (back to top)

Yvonne T. Ferguson (1997) – Yvonne T. Ferguson holds a M.A. in Student Personnel Administration from Columbia University. She was Director of Guidance for Lynchburg City Public Schools. Mrs. Ferguson is on the Board of Directors of Lynchburg Voters League, Step With Links, NCCJ, the Retirement Center of the Christian Church in Virginia and the Children’s Home Society of Virginia. She also sits on Advisory Committees of Central Virginia Community College, Lynchburg College, and is on the Lynchburg City School Board. Mrs. Ferguson has two children and two grandchildren.  (back to top)

Libby M. Fitzgerald (2016) – Libby Fitzgerald moved to Lynchburg in 1971 and began working at WSET-TV for almost 20 years. She then worked for WVTF Public Radio in Roanoke as the Lynchburg correspondent for about 15 years. Libby has served on the Board of Directors of several area non-profits: Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Academy Center of the Arts, Endstation Theatre, YMCA of Central Virginia, James River Arts Council, and Black Theatre Ensemble, among others. She is founder of “Keys for the Hill City,” a public art program that secures donated pianos, enlists students to paint them, and places them throughout downtown Lynchburg from May to October for the enjoyment of all citizens.  (back to top)

Walter M. Fore, Jr. (2015) – Mr. Fore, a long-time Lynchburg civil rights activist, is retired from the Glay Morgan Pipe Company. He has been active in the Central VA Labor Council, Black Lynchburg Action Council, and Black Moses Men’s Club. He has served on the Boards of Lynchburg Legacy Museum, Council of Aging, Interfaith Outreach, Lynchburg Youth Council, and the Lynchburg Parks and Recreation council. Mr. Fore was appointed to numerous state agencies boards by Governors Warner and Kaine. He was one of the original five individuals whose ideas started the Lynchburg Community Dialogues on Race and Racism.  (back to top)

Elizabeth M. Forsyth (1998) – Elizabeth Forsyth, a Lynchburg native, has a long history of service to her community. Her chief involvement was as a member of the Junior League of Lynchburg. During her tenure as President, the first physical therapist was brought to the area. In 1991, she recognized the need for an interim facility that would serve homeless women and children. Inspired and assisted by Beverly Cosby and the Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship, she helped build Miriam’s House. She then founded Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center, a state of the art day care facility. She has numerous other leadership roles in the community and received the National Association for the Education of Young People’s philanthropic award in 1996.  (back to top)

Joan F. Foster (2012) – Joan F. Foster has lived in the Lynchburg area for 37 years.  She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in education from Lynchburg College and taught Special Education and Elementary Education for 17 years before committing her time to focus on substance abuse prevention programs.   In addition to serving as Mayor, she is also the Director of Community Relations at Presbyterian Homes and Family Services and The Family Alliance, a 108-year old organization that provides community and residential based services to residents not only in Central Virginia but also across Virginia. In her position, she is responsible for building relationships, goodwill, and positive connections within the communities that are served by PHFS/FA in order to build collaborative partnerships and increase philanthropic support. Joan and her husband, Bob, have been married for 37 years and have three grown children and three granddaughters.  (back to top)

Delores E. Fowler (2019) – Delores ‘Dee’ Fowler is a community volunteer, and is retired from the State of Virginia after over forty-five years working at the former Lynchburg Training School and Hospital. She has worked with various organizations dedicated to the development of the community and to the empowerment of its people including Zeta Amicae, the Lynchburg Voter’s League, and the Lynchburg Branch of NAACP. She has been active on the Boards of such non-profit organizations as the Central Branch YWCA, the Hunton Branch YMCA, and as Treasurer of the Legacy Museum Project. She currently serves as Executive Treasurer of the Lynchburg Community Action Group, as the Chief Officer of Elections for the Electoral Board in the City of Lynchburg-Ward II, Precinct 2, and as Treasurer of the Hunton­Randolph Community Center. Delores is a proud member of the Historic Diamond Hill Baptist Church family. (back to top)

Samuel P. Fuller (1997) – Samuel P. Fuller graduated from Emory & Henry School of Medicine. He is a member of Physicians for Peace, The Lynchburg Academy of Medicine, Medical Society of Virginia, American Medical Society, Virginia Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is married and has two children.  (back to top)

Gene D. Gallagher (2006) – A Lynchburg native and graduate of E.C. Glass High School, Gene D. Gallagher has been vice president and general manager of Candler Oil Company since 1976. The list of organizations which he serves in leadership roles speaks strongly to his civic commitment. They include Lynchburg Retail Merchants Foundation, Fraternal Order Police Associates, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the Brookville Timberlake Lions Club. Described as a tireless worker with the police department to reduce crime and promote safe neighborhoods, Gene was one of the first organizers of Crime Stoppers in central Virginia. He and his wife are parents of a son and daughter and grandparents to four.  (back to top)

Robert D. and Leah Belle Gardner (2007) – Husband and wife honorees, Robert D. and Leah Belle Gardner, began making their mark in Lynchburg in the 1960’s through the Fine Arts Center as writers, producers, and performers. She continues to volunteer as a costumer, designing and constructing for ballet and modern dance. A psychiatrist by profession, Dr. Gardner served in the U.S. Army Medical Department following completion of his education. The Gardners have served Agudath Sholom Congregation in roles of teacher, trustee, historian, and chairs of events. In memory of a daughter, they sponsor an art scholarship at E. C. Glass High School. Bob and Leah Belle have been married for 54 years and are parents of four.  (back to top)

Kenneth R. Garren (2010) – Kenneth R. Garren was born in Augusta, Georgia and has been President of Lynchburg College since August 2001. He received a B.S. in Mathematics from Roanoke College, Masters in Mathematics from the College of William and Mary and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Ken taught full-time for 17 years before he accepted the position of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and later Vice President & Dean for Academic Affairs at Roanoke College. Eight “Kenneth R. Garren Diversity Awards” are given annually at Roanoke College. During his nearly nine years in Lynchburg, he has belonged to numerous community and professional organizations at the local, state, and regional level. Ken is a member of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Lynchburg. He and his wife, Sheila, have three children and seven grandchildren. (back to top)

William E. Gayle, Jr. (2005) – A native of Huntington, West Virginia, William E. Gayle, Jr. is a graduate of Davidson College where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree and from the Medical College of Virginia where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree. A veteran of the U.S. Army, he served in private practice as a surgeon in Lynchburg. His accomplishments as a surgeon prior to his “retirement” were numerous, but he is probably best known for his international service across the globe in providing medical and surgical services to people in serious need. A dedicated member of First Presbyterian Church, he has let his faith lead him in a medical ministry that serves both God and his fellow man.  (back to top)

Thomas J. Gerdy (2003) – Thomas J. Gerdy chose to make Lynchburg his home after being introduced by his college roommate in the early 1970’s. Through his business, Gerdy Construction Co., and his professional responsibilities, he endeavors to further human relations and make a difference in the lives of others. Gerdy is a major force in Habitat for Humanity construction in the Lynchburg area and a founder of the Genesis House, as well as being instrumental in establishing Linkhorne Playground and the Hurricane Hugo relief effort. He is the sponsor of numerous sports teams, and has been recognized for his extraordinary efforts in child abuse prevention. His belief in the Jubilee Family Development concept led him to provide office space in his own company until the Center could be completed. Gerdy is described as “a behind the scenes powerhouse who prefers to remain anonymous.”  (back to top)

Anne A. Gibbons (1996) – Anne Gibbons is Director of Freshman Programs and Catholic Campus Minister at Lynchburg College. She is currently on the boards of the Lynchburg Peace Education Center, the Parent Teacher Organization and chairperson of the Cultural Arts Committee of Perrymont Elementary School. Gibbons is a co-advisor of the Lynchburg College Habitat chapter and assists in coordinating activities for Women’s History Month. She presently is a member of the Ecumenical Commission for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. She has previously served as a member of the Women’s Commission for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, a board member of Greater Lynchburg Habitat and a past member of Lynchburg City Schools Parent Advisory Council. Gibbons is a past recipient of the Women’s History Month Award from Randolph Macon Woman’s College and was selected as Outstanding Organizational Advisor for Lynchburg College.  (back to top)

Richard P. Gifford (1971) – Native of New York City, graduate of Harvard University, electronic communication officer in U. S. Navy, nationally known expert in communications and related fields, Vice President of the General Electric Company and General Manager of its Communication Systems Business Division, a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., author of a number of technical papers, a leader in numerous community causes including among others the boards of Lynchburg General Hospital, Mary Baldwin and Lynchburg Colleges, Vice-Chairman of its Finance Committee, Elder and Sunday School teacher of the First Presbyterian Church.   (back to top)

Frances J. Giles (2019) – Frances Giles has been a community volunteer for decades. She held positions as an Assistant Librarian, a French teacher, and was the co-owner of Shop of John Simmons. She has been heavily involved in the community including with the Junior League of Lynchburg, United Way of Central Virginia, Awareness Garden, Point of Honor, The Opera on the James, and Lynchburg Garden Club. Frances is a Trustee Emerita of Randolph College, where she established the Helen and Ruffin Jones Global Studies Scholarship for students or faculty members to study abroad. She is an active member of First Presbyterian Church, and is a founding and current Board member of Amazement Square Children’s Museum. Frances is an avid gardener, traveler, and golfer, and a proud mother and grandmother. (back to top)

Michael A. Gillette (2006) – Since his arrival in Virginia fifteen years ago, Michael A. Gillette has applied his degrees in philosophy from Brandeis University and Brown University to educating the community in medical ethics. Currently president of Bioethical Services of Virginia, he has taught at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, is an assistant professor of family medicine at University of Virginia, and consults with local and regional health systems and government agencies. Michael was a moving force behind the formation of the Academy of Fine Arts. He has served Agudath Sholom synagogue as both chairman and president of the Board and helped to found Chavurah Masarti. In 2004 he was elected to Lynchburg City Council. He and his wife have two daughters.  (back to top)

William H. Gorman (2011) – William H. Gorman retired in 2010 after 23 years of service with the Bridges Residential Treatment Center.   He received a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia and his M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of Virginia. The Y of Central Virginia has played a major role in his development, and he has served on the Board of Directors since 1990. Other favorite charities include the Centra Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Red Cross, and the Humane Society.  Bill is married to his elementary-school sweetheart, Frankie, for 47 years and father of two children and four grandchildren. (back to top)

Ellen S. Gross (1997) – Ellen S. Gross was born in New York City and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a Master’s of Humanities from Hofstra University. She served two years with the Headstart Program and tutored for ten years with the Lynchburg School System. Mrs. Gross teaches English at Central Virginia Community College. She is past president of the Lynchburg Chapter of Hadassah and served on the regional board. She is a past Secretary of Agudath Sholom Congregation and served on the board for six years. Mrs. Gross serves as chairperson for the NCCJ Metrotown Program and previously served as a counselor. She is married and has two children.  (back to top)

Max Guggenheimer, Jr. (2004) – Max Guggenheimer, Jr. is a native of Lynchburg and a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. He served his country for thirty-seven years in the United States Army rising to the rank of Major General. Also educated at the Command & General Staff College, the Army War College and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, his tours of duty included Berlin, the Dominican Republic and the Vietnam War. He is the recipient of both The Distinguished Service Medal and the Bronze Star. Like many who understand the meaning of service, Mr. Guggenheimer has served on the Governor’s Virginia Council on Human Rights, which he chaired for four years, and in the Meals on Wheels program. As a civilian, he has been Vice President of A.B. Burton Construction Company and Vice President of English Construction Company from which he retired in 2002. He is a member of St. John’s Church.   (back to top)

Thomas A. Gutherz (2004) – A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Thomas A. (Tom) Gutherz grew up in Rochester, New York. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1977. Before assuming the position of Rabbi of Agudath Sholom Congregation in Lynchburg, he was a member of Kibbutz Gezer in Israel, working as a primary school teacher and a dairy farmer. He attended Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion in New York where he earned his Master of Hebrew Literature and Rabbinic Ordination. Rabbi Gutherz is an adjunct professor in the Department of Religion at Lynchburg College and a member of the NCCJ Board, the Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation, the Holocaust Education Foundation and the Marriage Alliance of Central Virginia. He is also a frequent participant in interfaith and diversity programs with NCCJ’s Interfaith Dialogue Group and Metrotown, as well as the Martin Luther King Center for Human Rights.  (back to top)

Marie W. Harris (2000) – Former co-owner and operator of the first tour guide service in Lynchburg, honoree Marie W. Harris has often extended her background in education into her volunteer work. She has been secretary for the Board of Directors of the STEP with Links program since its inception in 1984, serves on the Board of Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center, and was vice-chair of Lynchburg City School Board for five years of her eight year tenure. Mrs. Harris has volunteered in many capacities with the United Way of Central Virginia, as well as serving on the Board of Trustees for Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.  (back to top)

Frances Hayes (1999) – Frances Hayes retired from the Central Virginia Area on Aging where she was coordinator of Special Programs. She coordinated various projects including: Dial-a Ride Program, Senior Awareness Day, Centenarians Day, Phone Pals and participated in Silver Haired Legislature. She volunteered and administered the Income Tax Assistance Program, in which she applied and received grant money from the government in order to fund tax free tax preparation for the elderly. She is involved with First Baptist Church and the Alzheimer Association.  (back to top)

Hermina W. Hendricks (2010) – A native of Lynchburg, Hermina Walthall Hendricks is a music educator and multicultural student services administrator. She received a B.S. Degree in Music Education from Defiance College, Ohio and Master of Music Education from James Madison University in 1977. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she returned to Lynchburg and was employed by Lynchburg schools. Her service as organist and choral director at Diamond Hill Baptist Church continues today. Hermina has been director of Multicultural Student Services at Randolph College since 1997. Presently, she is a member of the Lynch’s Landing Board of Directors, the Get! Downtown Steering Committee, Area II Advisory Panel for the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the Lynchburg Chums, Inc. and the Sphex Club. Her abiding love is extended to her family, especially her husband, Donald, her church, and her close connected collegial relationships at Randolph College. (back to top)

Mary G. Holmes (2021) – Mary G. Holmes spent over 50 years serving the community as a Registered Nurse. She was one of the first African American nurses hired at UVA Medical Center in a Charge Nurse position, and one of the first African American nurses employed in the Central Virginia Health District. Mary also founded the Sickle Cell Awareness Association of Central Virginia, Inc., served as the first president, and she remains the current President. She also served a term as President of the Statewide Sickle Cell Chapter of Virginia Inc. Her other community service includes the Boards of Directors of The March of Dimes, the Heart and Lung Associations, and the Lynchburg College Community Health Advisory Board. She is a member of the Lynchburg NAACP and Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, serving as a Choir member, Church Clerk, Deaconess, and Church School Teacher. (back to top)

Josephine J. Holt (1995) – Josephine J. Holt, current Board Member and Chairman of the Public Relations committee of the Adult Care Center, is active in numerous charitable and civic organizations in the Lynchburg community. Her more than 50 years of volunteer work has been for The American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association, Community Concerts Association, Girl Scouts Council, Habitat for Humanity, Lynchburg Craft Class for the Blind, Interfaith Outreach Association, Junior League of Lynchburg, Lynchburg Public Library, Oakwood Garden Club, United Way of Central Virginia and Williams Home. She is also active at Lynchburg College and Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. Mrs. Holt is the recipient of many awards and recognitions, including the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow, the Community Builders Award given by the Marshall Masonic Lodge #39, President Bush’s Point of Light Program Nominee, Book of Golden Deeds Award by the Exchange Club of Lynchburg, and the United Way’s Virginia B. Whitehouse Award.  (back to top)

Yuille Holt, III (2000) – Yuille Holt, III, better known as “Skipper,” is currently president and CEO of Campbell Insurance. His wide range of club and business memberships demonstrates his interest in the outdoors and his devotion to his city and fellow citizens. Mr. Holt is an active Board member for The Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg City Schools Partners in Education, NCCJ Lynchburg Chapter, and Regional Renaissance, to name a few. (back to top)

Ken Horne (1998) – Ken Horne is Co-founder and Co-Director of the Society of St. Andrew. He is an ordained minister and a member in full connection with the Virginia Annual Conference. He served for eight years as pastor of churches in several areas in the state of Virginia. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician. (back to top)

Peter W. Houck (1996) – Peter W. Houck is in private practice of Neonatology and Pediatrics in Lynchburg. He received his B.A. from Virginia Military Institute, his M.D. from the University of Virginia Medical School and also received a fellowship in Neonatology at the University of Texas. Houck is presently an associate editor of the Virginia Medical Quarterly and has served on the Board of Trustees and was Chief of Medical Staff of Centra Health. He originated Camp Holiday Trails for handicapped children, as well as acting as camp director. Houck organized Virginia’s regional transport network of Neonatal Intensive Care. He is owner of Warwick House Publishers and publisher of Lynch’s Ferry Magazine. He is a lecturer, writer and publisher of books and articles.  (back to top)

Hylan T. Hubbard, III (2012) – A native of Lynchburg, “Hank” Hubbard retired from insurance industry after 37-year career.   He is co-founder and President of New America Insurance Company, a start-up property and casualty insurance company and affiliated managing agency. Mr. Hubbard has broad experience in primarily the property & casualty insurance industry in small, medium, and large companies and brings an excellent track record of building collaboration and commitment and keeping teams focused on achieving objectives. Hank serves as a Board Member at Amazement Square Rightmire Children’s Museum and Greater Lynchburg Community Trust and as a committee member at Caring for Kids Golf Tournament – Boys and Girls Club Charity Tournament, Ellington Fellowship Music Bridge, STEP with Links, and Partners in Education. A graduate of Bowdoin College Hank is a member of Altha Grove Baptist Church in Forest.  (back to top)

George A. Hurt (2006) – Another E.C. Glass High School alumnus, George A. Hurt earned his medical degree in neurosurgery from the University of Virginia, interrupting his education to serve in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. His service to the Lynchburg community is reflected not only through medical leadership, such as serving as president of the Centra Health Foundation Board, but also as vice president of the Board of New Vistas School, and as senior warden on the Vestry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. He and his wife are parents of a son and a daughter, and in his spare time he enjoys photography, woodworking, and scuba diving.  (back to top)

Clara Belle Jackson (2002) – Education is the key to Clara Belle Jackson’s lifestyle and career. While teaching both biology and chemistry in local high schools for more than thirty years, she also earned her M.Ed. from Lynchburg College. Her classroom skills have been recognized through a number of Teacher of the Year awards, as well as by the Outstanding Conservation Educator Award. In 1988 the City of Lynchburg awarded Ms. Jackson for her Community Service, which continues to be evidenced by participation on boards of directors for the YMCA, Meals on Wheels, Master Gardeners, and White Rock Baptist Church, where she is both a Deaconess and Choir Director.  (back to top)

Ellen Jamerson (1999) – Ellen Jamerson has been heavily involved in the community serving as the first female YMCA president in 137 years. Some of her activities include: Appomattox County Education Association, America’s Promise, Central Virginia YMCA, Virginia Baptist Mission Board and UT Prosim Society at Virginia Tech. She took a leadership role in the creation of a new YMCA branch, to which she and Bill gave the lead gift of $1M.  (back to top)

Terry H. Jamerson (2009) – Terry H. Jamerson is regional publisher of The News & Advance in Lynchburg, and oversees several other Media General newspapers. Hailing from Martinsville, VA, and a Mary Baldwin College, she has served the newspaper industry for 27 years. Currently, Jamerson serves on the boards of Greater Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Central VA, Region 2000, Lynchburg College, STEP with Links, Centra Health, Lynchburg Arts Council, and Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. She is incoming President of the Virginia Press Association. Prior board appointments include SunTrust Bank, Junior Achievement League, Partners in Education, and Central Virginia Educational Foundation. Terry and his husband Phillip have three children.  (back to top)

William E. Jamerson (1999) – Bill Jamerson is president of J. E. Jamerson & Sons, Inc. in Appomattox. He serves as president of the Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation and is a member of various boards including: Crestar Bank, Architectural Advisory Council at VPI & SU, and the Virginia Tech Foundation. He is a former member of the Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation and the Appomattox County Board of Supervisors.  (back to top)

Thomas C. Jividen (2001) – Thomas C. Jividen, senior vice president of Centra Health, Inc., has served the majority of his career in health care administration. His civic interest in health care issues is reflected in various Board affiliations, such as United Way of Central Virginia, the American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association. Mr. Jividen currently serves the Lynchburg community through a long list of organizations, including the Amazement Square Children’s Museum, the Rural Health Outreach program, and the Greater Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce. He also has worked with the NCCJ as a past Dinner Chair.  (back to top)

Winston R. Jones (2004) – Winston R. Jones, a native of Appomattox County, Virginia, graduated from Carver-Price High School there and later from the Lynchburg Foundry Apprentice School as a Journeyman Patternmaker. Some years later, he received the calling and entered The Virginia Seminary and College, where he received both his Bachelor of Arts and his Bachelors of Divinity degrees. He continues his educational growth through the Hampton Ministers Conference, which meets annually in Hampton, Virginia. The Rev. Mr. Jones has served two churches in his career, first at New Hope Baptist in Concord, Virginia, and his present one, First Baptist Church South Lynchburg. Dedicated to the cause of human understanding and caring, his ministry to both the church and the community has involved him in numerous projects for the betterment of us all. Empowered by his faith, he has chosen a role as one who serves his religious ideals by serving others. (back to top)

Alton J. Jourdan (2000) – Retired Lynchburg insurance executive Alton J. Jourdan founded the local agency of Big Brothers/Big Sisters in 1971 and served it in many roles, including president, Board member, and major fund-raiser. Mr. Jourdan’s other community activities include being founder and past president of Lynchburg City High Schools Boosters Club, Inc. and being a coach and manager of Lynchburg Little League. An active church member for the last 29 years, Mr. Jourdan also served as Cubmaster of Pack #22 at Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church.  (back to top)

Sandy Kanehl (2023) – Sandy Kanehl is the founder and CEO of Roads to Recovery, Inc. The organization’s mission is to assist people to find and sustain recovery from substance use disorders and to eliminate the stigma that prevents people from getting help. She worked for 30 years in the public addiction treatment system, including substance use disorder counseling, prevention, program development, management, and supervision in all levels of care, teaching, training, and agency administration. Sandy currently sits on the Virginia Certification Board that credentials addiction professionals and serves as chair of the Community Access Network board. She has been recognized by the Lynchburg Area Counselors Association and the Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia. Sandy loves working as a program development consultant and statewide trainer for behavioral health professionals and communities, to counter the stigma of addictions, advocate for recovery services, and develop new peer workforce leaders. (back to top)

John E. Keith (2016) – John Keith spent over 25 years at J.Crew in Lynchburg as Director of Human Resources. After retirement, he was employed at Gleaning For The World, and he is now the Executive Director at Parkview Community Mission. John has been active in the community through numerous organizations, including Junior Achievement, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, United Way, and Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Meals on Wheel of Greater Lynchburg. With his wife, Maryann, John organized the “Back Packs for Kids’ Sake” program, which served 650 children each week, in addition to numerous other projects that they both work on to support the community. (back to top)

Sandra A. Knodel (2006) – Born in western New York and educated as an elementary school teacher, Sandra A. Knodel came to Lynchburg in 1993. Her years of volunteer activities have led to her current positions as Director of Hope II after school program for at-risk children, and as Co-Director of The Festival Center, an innovative program created by volunteers working with an inner city neighborhood. Sandy has also served as president for the League of Women Voters Lynchburg and for Planned Parenthood Blue Ridge Advisory Board. She and her husband boast of two daughters, and two grandsons.  (back to top)

Linda & Paul Kolodny (2012) – Linda and Paul Kolodny were born in Brooklyn, NY and have enjoyed a 52-year marriage filled with accomplishments and community service. After Paul graduated from City College with a degree in Electrical Engineering, they moved to Massachusetts and Paul worked for Western Electric (now Lucent Technologies) for almost 40 years. Linda graduated from Salem State College and worked for the Andover Massachusetts school division for over 24 years. After retiring and moving to Lynchburg in 1999, they dedicated their retirement to helping others. Paul has volunteered with the Hill City Master Gardeners, Free Clinic, Gateway House, Lynchburg Host Lions, Rivermont Area Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels and was a participating member of the Community Dialogues on Race and Racism. Serving his faith, he has volunteered at Agudath Shalom Synagoge and has helped work with youth through Chavurah Masarti. Upon her retirement, Linda committed to working with children with learning difficulties. She also discovered the power of therapy dogs and took charge of coordinating the Lynchburg area Therapy Dog group and has grown the program tremendously visiting Hospital Units, Cardio Rehabilitation Centers, and Nursing Homes. She supports Meals on Wheels, the Citizens Academy and was also a member of the Community Dialogues on Race and Racism. Paul and Linda have two children and four grandchildren.  (back to top)

Minnie Bassett Lane (2007) – Coming from Bassett, VA, and now a resident of Altavista, Minnie Bassett Lane has been connected with furniture all her life. She is currently a trustee of the Minnie and Bernard Lane Foundation. Her main interests have been the YMCA, the Sheltered Workshop, Elpis Center, and the Salvation Army. She has served on a variety of business, educational and charitable boards throughout the state. Minnie has also been involved with Hospice Program, the Potato Project (a food salvage program of the Society of St. Andrew), and DAWN, a program for emergency needs of the people of Altavista. With her late husband Barnard, she is the mother of four.   (back to top)

Ray F. Leininger (1978) – Native of Ohio, attended the University of Arkansas, successful businessman and community leader, moved to Lynchburg in 1929 as factory superintendent of Blue Buckle Overall Co., and later president of firm that became Imperial Reading Corporation, among others served as a director of the Southern Garments Manufacturers Association, Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce and Community Chest and the Salvation Army, a former Kiwanian, a leader in the formation of Lynchburg’s first Child Care Center, a founder of Central Virginia Industries and its second president, active in Holy Cross Catholic Church having served as co-chairman of the Building Fund Committee and organizer of the first Christian Doctrine Discussion Club.  (back to top)

Richard M. Lerner (2009) – Although born in Connecticut, Richard M. Lerner moved here as a child and considers Virginia his home. His German parents emigrated from Germany, but both sets of grandparents were killed in the Holocaust. A graduate of NC State and Pierce College in Philadelphia, Richard also served this country in the U.S. Navy. After working for Sun Oil Co. he returned to the area to work for Cycle Systems, where he is now VP of Commercial. From early days he has been active in civic organizations, such as Roanoke Junior Achievement and Junior Achievement of Central Virginia. More recently Richard has held many offices with Mental Health America of Central Virginia, as well as the former NCCJ, now Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, serving on both the Lynchburg Chapter and the State Boards. He and his wife, Sharon, have one daughter and three grandchildren.  (back to top)

Robert A. Leveque (2013) – Bob Leveque is Vice President of manufacturing for RR Donnelley. He has contributed greatly to the growth of the Central Virginia community, enthusiastically supporting Central Virginia Community College and serving as a board member for many organizations, including United Way, Virginia Partners in Education, and Region 2000. He considers his greatest accomplishment to be helping everyone who lives and works in Central Virginia to understand that the Lynchburg area is a very special place with very special people that must never be taken for granted.  (back to top)

Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship* (2003) – Formed in 1950, the Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship seeks to provide a channel for cooperative programs of community service and uplift, to establish task forces working for constructive social change, and to serve as a catalyst to bring together groups and individuals in shared and common undertakings that will transcend the usual and stubborn barriers of social and economic class, race and prejudice. Ministry programs which have evolved from LCF task forces and sponsorships include Interfaith Outreach Association, Camp Kum-Ba-Yah, and a number of attractive low-income housing and home ownership programs. LCF has seen the establishment of The Carey House, group homes in Bedford and Lynchburg, Amherst Residential Services, and a Lead-Free Housing program. The LCF philosophy includes a belief in the dignity and infinite value of every person and in the need to understand and help one another.  (back to top)

Alice T. Mabry (2017) – Alice Mabry worked as a special education teacher in Lynchburg City Schools for over 20 years prior to her retirement. Post “retirement”, she served as a volunteer continuing education director for the Virginia University of Lynchburg for 15 years. A 2008 recipient of the Lynchburg’s Mayor’s Award of Excellence, one of Alice’s passions has been her work on the collection of the Legacy Museum. In addition, she served with the March of Dimes campaign and the local NAACP, and she is a past president of the Lynchburg Chapter of the Links. Ms. Mabry is an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Lynchburg Chapter and Diamond Hill Baptist Church.  (back to top)

Joan W. MacCallum (1995) – Joan W. MacCallum, Executive Director of Central Lynchburg, Inc., serves on the Board of Directors of Venture for Enterprising Women, Lynchburg Historical Foundation and Riverviews, Inc. A member of Lynchburg’s City Council from 1978-1994, she was also President of United Way of Central Virginia and First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Lynchburg and Chairman of the Central Virginia Planning District Commission. Mrs. MacCallum is a past member of the Youth Services Citizens Council, Central Virginia Community Services Board, Virginia Waste Management Board, Virginia Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations, Lynchburg Planning Commission and League of Women Voters of Lynchburg.  (back to top)

JoAnn B. Martin (2022) – JoAnn B. Martin recently retired as Director of Communications and Public Engagement for the City of Lynchburg. Throughout her over 39-year tenure with the City, she pioneered innovations in community empowerment and economic development. JoAnn’s legacy is evident in a number of accomplishments including the creation of the Lynchburg Citizen’s Academy, the employee resource committee Action For Change, the International Festival, the State of the City Address, the Community Dialogue on Race and Racism, and the award-winning Share The Parks Initiative. She serves as Project Manager for a Kindergarten Reading Readiness Program with the One Community One Voice Organization, and as Project Manager for a Strategic Communications Initiative of the local NAACP. She is a lifelong member of Chestnut Grove Baptist Church in Monroe and a longtime advocate for community safety. (back to top)

Nathaniel X. Marshall (2005) – Nathaniel X. Marshall, a native of Lynchburg and a graduate of Lynchburg College, has spent the past seventeen years in human resources with BWX Technologies. He has been active in various community programs and services most notably the Big Brothers/Big Sisters, from which he has received the Big Brother of the Year Award and where has served as Board President for three terms. Active in educational concerns, Nat has served on the Board and as Board Chair for Central Virginia Community College and has been active with St. Paul’s College and the local city school system. He also gives his time to Altha Grove Baptist Church, as deacon, trustee, church treasurer, choir member and Sunday School teacher.  (back to top)

Walter G. Mason (1974) – Native of Lynchburg, successful businessman, state and community leader, former member of Lynchburg School Board and rector of the College of William and Mary, past president of the YWCA and Community Chest, recipient of the Exchange Club Award in 1957, and Father of the Year Award of his church in 1967, an elder of Fairview Christian Church and past president of the Virginia Layman’s Club.  (back to top)

Molly McClenon (2018) – Molly McClenon is a community volunteer who has been active in civic, youth-related, and environmental causes and organizations since moving to Lynchburg in 1966. Ms. McClenon received a teaching degree from Lynchburg College and taught special education for several years, before going to serve on the Lynchburg Community Action Board as a citizen representative, also volunteering as a Girl Scout leader of older girls, and eventually serving on the board of the Blue Ridge Girl Scout Council. As one of the founders of the Friends of Lynchburg Stream Valleys, Molly helped establish the Blackwater Creek Natural Area and Trails. For over 30 years, she has been active in the League of Women Voters of Lynchburg and served on the state League board for 6 years. Molly is active in the First Unitarian Church of Lynchburg (roles held: Religious Education Director, the Administrative Assistant, a Board member and its Chair), and has hosted guests with Legacy International. (back to top)

Heather M. McCormick (2023) – Heather M. McCormick is the Head Librarian at E.C. Glass High School, where she has worked for over 25 years. As a member of the English department, she taught nearly every English course the department offers as well as Creative Writing, and she has worked as the Activities Director, a sponsor for various clubs, and a mentor teacher. She has also been a member of the VTSS/MTSS team and freshman class sponsor since 2015. Heather attended Link Crew training in March of 2022 to bring the freshman transition program back to E.C. Glass. Heather has been named Glass’ Teacher of the Year twice, and she was the Teacher of the Year for Lynchburg City Schools in 2017. Of all of the responsibilities she has had during her tenure at Glass, Heather cites her work with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities as the most meaningful. She has been involved with VCIC since 2005, organizing hundreds of students and faculty members for Project Inclusion retreats and Diversity Dialogue Day programs. (back to top)

Ora S. McCoy (2016) – Ora McCoy is the retired Postmaster of Appomattox. She served on the Appomattox County School Board for 8 years and has supported numerous nonprofit boards, including Carver-Price Alumni Association, American Cancer Society, Appomattox Community Center, Appomattox County 4-H, and Habitat for Humanity, among others. She also served as Co-Chair of the Carver-Price Legacy Museum Sesquicentennial Committee, which was responsible for the “Footsteps to Freedom” program honoring Hannah Reynolds, an enslaved woman in Appomattox. Ora served as Co-Chair on many Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration events in Appomattox. (back to top)

Leslie H. McCue, Jr. (1977) – Outstanding educator and volunteer community leader, a graduate of the University of Virginia with an M.S. degree from the University of Michigan, except from 1942-44 as Lieutenant in the Naval Aviation Division, served E.C. Glass High School from 1923 until his retirement as principal in 1968, a past president of the State Principals Association, the Lynchburg Education Association and local chapters of Virginia Association for Mental Health and Virginia Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Rotary and Exchange Clubs, honored by many community groups, a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church. (back to top)

Henry E. McWane, II (1968) – Lifelong resident of Lynchburg, fourth generation member of distinguished industrial family, veteran of World War I, attended University of Virginia, humanitarian and leader in multiple state and community organizations, business, educational and charitable causes, state commission and board appointments by Governors Tuck, Stanley and Almond, past president of the Virginia Manufacturers Association, 1964 B’nai B’rith Man of the Year Award, Doctor of Human Letters, Lynchburg College, 1966, active member of St. John’s Episcopal Church.  (back to top)

The Mitchell Sisters (2021) – Kathryn M. Drayton, Louise E. Mitchell, and Violet O. Mitchell are the co-Founders of MDM Networking, Inc., which sponsored the “Pink Auction Luncheon,” created to raise awareness in the community about breast cancer and to fund research. Over the last 17 years, the sisters have raised over $270,000 through the Auction which has been donated to education, research, and medical services for uninsured and underinsured women in this community. By partnering with Centra Mammography and Breast Imaging Services, they have been able to fund thousands of mammograms to local women who are uninsured or underinsured. The sisters have served the community in a variety of ways beyond MDM Networking, Inc. Louise served on the Lynchburg Youth Services Board, Miller Home Advisory Board, Miriam’s House Board, Lynchburg Storm Water Commission, and she presently serves on the Lynchburg Economic Development Authority Board of Directors. Violet is involved with The United Way, Legacy Museum and Africa House. Kathryn served as a board member of the American Baptist Council of Churches.  (back to top)

Herbert R. Moore, Jr.++ (2015) – Rev. Moore is Executive Director Emeritus of Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship and is an active member of First Christian Church in Lynchburg, VA. Rev. Moore has served as an Elder and Chair of the Official Church Board, Chair of World Outreach and Stewardship departments, and is now serving on the Board of Directors of Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship Inc. Other board service has included the Lynchburg Citizens Advisory Council, The Lynchburg Sheltered Industries Inc., The Free Clinic of Central Virginia Inc., Camp Kum Ba Yah Inc., The Summit Inc., Riverviews Art Space Inc., and The Festival Center Inc.  (back to top)

John Kenneth Morland (1994) – Dr. Morland is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, Emeritus, Randolph Macon Woman’s College. Dr. Morland is on the Board of Directors for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Human Rights and the Lynchburg Community Council. Dr. Morland is married to Margaret Morland. They have three children and four grandchildren.  (back to top)

Robert D. Morrison (1973) – Native of Lynchburg, graduate of the University of Virginia, outstanding public official of 35 years service to the City of Lynchburg, City Manager 1950-1970, a past president of the National Institute of Municipal Law Officials and the Lynchburg YMCA, past service on the boards of the Lynchburg Community Council and Community Chest as well as Vestryman and Sunday School Superintendent of St. John’s Episcopal Church.  (back to top)

Thomas A. Morrison (1974) – Native of Lynchburg, graduate of the University of Notre Dame, active leader in numerous civic, health and religious causes, recipient of the Jaycees 1950 “Outstanding Young Man of the Year Award,” former president of the Lynchburg Kiwanis Club, chairman of the 1973 Cancer Crusade, active in Holy Cross Catholic Church, a past chairman of its Parish Board.  (back to top)

Annie F. Moseley (2003) – A lifelong educator, Annie F. Moseley has served the Lynchburg community through her vocation in public education as well as through her volunteer work with the United Methodist Church. After 35 years of teaching at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels, Moseley also served as president of Lynchburg Retired Teachers Association. Many of her activities with Jackson Street United Methodist Church reflect her love of teaching, including Sunday school teacher, Children’s Coordinator, and Director of Vacation Bible School. Moseley holds the distinction of being the first minority woman to serve as president of Lynchburg District United Methodist Women and has also been a committee member for United Methodist Women Charter of Racial Justice Policies. In addition, she is Meals on Wheels coordinator for Jackson Street United Methodist Church, and volunteers for Food Pantry and Adult Day Care, as well as serving on the Executive Board of Churches for Urban Ministries.  (back to top)

James H. Mundy (2010) – A retired educator from the New Jersey Educational system, James H. Mundy was born in Lynchburg and moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his family when he was 5 years old. He received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Temple University, a Master of Arts degree from Rowan University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova University. Since 1998, Dr. Mundy has been President/CEO of Lynchburg Community Action Group, Inc. He is also involved with many community organizations and institutions, such as Central Virginia Community College, Eastern Theological Seminary, the Adult Care Center, the Educational Foundation, United Way of Central Virginia, the Historic Preservation Commission and the State Health and Safety Codes Board. He has four children, two sons and two daughters.  (back to top)

Laura B. Munson (2008) – Hailing from Arkansas, Laura B. Munson earned a degree in education from Texas Women’s University, and continued her graduate work in special education learning disabilities at Lynchburg College, Virginia Tech, and the University of Virginia. As an active member of the Lynchburg community, she has served in various positions with Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church, Interfaith Outreach Association Friends Committee, P.E.O. (Providing Educational Opportunities for Women), and Jubilee Family Development Center. Her work with Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity and subsequent historical research led to her avowed passion: restoration and preservation of White Rock Cemetery. To restore the memory and honor the lives of the African Americans buried there for more than a century, Laura established Historic White Rock Cemetery Inc., and continues to direct the work of clearing and research ensuring the appropriate dignity and respect. Laura is the mother of four grown children, who live all across the United States.  (back to top)

Walter F. Murphy (1968) – Life time resident of Lynchburg, attended Belmont Abbey College, veteran of World War I, able insurance executive, humanitarian and leader in multiple state and community organizations, business, educational and charitable causes, past state president of Holy Name Society, past grand knight of Knights of Columbus, 1960 B’nai B’rith Man of Year Award, a founder of Lynchburg NCCJ Chapter and secretary for thirty years, longest in nation, faithful member of Holy Cross Catholic Church.  (back to top)

Benedict Nagler (1970) – Native of Germany, graduate of the University of Hamburg Medical School, private practice in Berlin, Tunis, North Africa and Newark. N.J., service in U. S. Army, 1941-46, retiring as Lt. Colonel in the reserves, associated with the Veterans Hospital and Administration in Richmond and Washington following World War II, accepted present post of superintendent of the Lynchburg Training School and Hospital in 1957, author of numerous articles in learned publications in his field of psychiatry and neurology, recipient of numerous awards in recognition and appreciation of his services as a dedicated physician, gifted teacher, research scientist and administrator, including the naming of the Nagler Building at Lynchburg Training School and Hospital.  (back to top)

David B. Neumeyer (2014) – David Neumeyer came to Lynchburg in 1990 to become executive director of Virginia Legal Aid Society, a nonprofit law firm which today resolves civil legal problems for low-income families and individuals in south-central Virginia. After college at Brown University, a year as a VISTA Volunteer in a legal aid office led him to law school at the University of Maine and a career in legal aid programs in Rhode Island, Maryland, Washington DC, and now Lynchburg, with two years in the U.S. Senate and two years in a DC law firm along the way. David’s volunteer activities have included chairing the boards of directors of Lynchburg Daily Bread and the Council of United Way Agencies. He has raised money for the Legacy Museum’s capital campaign, organized a Habitat for Humanity “build” by the group Soulforce, and facilitated discussion groups in the city’s Community Dialogue on Race and Racism. He was the founding board president for Opera on the James, the James River Council for the Arts and Humanities, and the Central Virginia Academy for Nonprofit Excellence. He was elected last May by area lawyers to represent this judicial circuit on the Virginia State Bar Council, which is the State Bar’s board of directors.   (back to top)

F. Harold Nott (1970) – Native of Richmond, graduate of Holy Cross College, seminary study at North American College in Rome where he was graduated and ordained in 1932, returning to Virginia as curate at St. Paul’s Church, Portsmouth he was later director of Catholic Charities for the diocese before being made pastor of the local Holy Cross Church in 1953, a dedicated servant of God and for more than fourteen years an active leader in the religious, educational and cultural life of Lynchburg, a builder of goodwill and understanding among all races and creeds, a recipient of numerous awards and recognition from his church and community including being made a Papal Chamberlain, a domestic prelate and a diocesan consultor.  (back to top)

Ellen G. Nygaard (2005) – A clinical research nurse for Education and Research Foundation Inc., Ellen G. Nygaard is a graduate of the School of Nursing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Maryland. A former recipient of the YWCA’s Woman of the Year Award in Education and former chairman of the Lynchburg City School Board, she has served on many organization boards including the Catholic Community Resettlement Committee, Lynchburg College, the Free Clinic, and the Women’s Resource Center. Ellen has also served as a Hospice Volunteer in her capacity as an RN.  (back to top)

Mrs. Joseph Oppleman (1971) – Native of Lynchburg, educated in the local schools, humanitarian with a life time of service to numerous community health and welfare causes, a past board member of the Piedmont Heart Association, Polio Foundation and the American Red Cross, twenty-five year service pin recipient from the latter, a past president and board member of the Volunteer Service Board of Lynchburg Training School Hospital with special recognition including a silver tray in 1965, volunteer service at Guggenheimer Memorial and Virginia Baptist Hospitals, a life member of Hadassah and past president of the Sisterhood of Agudath Sholom Synagogue.  (back to top)

L. Kimball Payne (2019) – Kim Payne served as Lynchburg City Manager from February 2001 until his retirement at the end of June 2016, previously serving in Spotsylvania County as County Administrator and Assistant County Administrator. He currently works part-time as an Executive Manager with The Berkley Group. Kim is a retired Commander in the Naval Reserve. He is a life member of the International City-County Management Association (ICMA), an ICMA Credentialed Manager, Senior Advisor and coach. Kim is a Rotarian and serves on the Boards of the United Way of Central Virginia, Lynchburg Grows, the Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation, the Central Virginia Community College Foundation, and the James River Association.  He is an active member of Holy Cross Catholic Church, serving as a Eucharistic Minister and on the Finance and Building Committees.  (back to top)

Augustus A. Petticolas, Jr. (1996) – Augustus A. Petticolas, Jr., a dentist in private practice in Lynchburg, received his B.A. from Livingstone College in North Carolina and his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. He is a member of several dental societies including the Lynchburg Dental Society, the Virginia Dental Association, and the American Dental Society. Petticolas was past chairman and on the Board of Trustees of St. James C.M.E. Church. He has previously been on the boards of the Hunton YMCA as chairman, past president of the Lynchburg Dental Society, past member of Step with Links, Lynchburg Welfare Advisory Committee, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center and as a dental consultant with the Head Start Program. He currently serves on the boards of Centra Health, Lynchburg General Hospital, Virginia Baptist Hospital, the Free Clinic of Central Virginia, the South Central Area Health Education Center and is currently chairman of the Dental Careers Advisory Committee of Lynchburg City Schools.  (back to top)

Edward A. Polloway (2003) – Edward A. Polloway is professor of special education and vice president for graduate studies and community advancement at Lynchburg College. In addition to preparing students to work in the field of special education, Polloway has served on many local and regional special education boards and committees. On the Board of Directors of Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center, he was instrumental in securing funding to enable EELC to become the first nationally accredited childcare facility in Lynchburg. In the area of community outreach, Polloway coordinates Lynchburg College’s six Centers of Distinction, through which the Community Outreach Partnership Center actively involves hundreds of College students, faculty and staff in outreach activities in Lynchburg neighborhoods. He has also been instrumental in bringing diversity training to Lynchburg City School teachers.  (back to top)

Ida B. Powell (2013) – Ida Powell has served the Central Virginia area for many years. She began her work in the community as a high school teacher for Lynchburg City Public Schools during a time when it was newly integrated. During her tenure, she supported the school changes by leading many roundtable discussions. After leaving the school system, Powell worked as an Association Executive for the Virginia Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. She currently serves as President of the ARC Development Center, Clerk of the Board for the Laurel Regional School, and as Vice President for the American Association of University Women.  (back to top)

Andrew Prophett (1999) – Andrew Prophett is a member of the faculty of Randolph Henry High School in Charlotte County, where he currently chairs the Institute to Germany as well as Holocaust Studies in Germany and Israel. He is a member of Gethsemane Presbyterian Church where he serves as an elder and mass choir president. He represented the Presbytery of the Peaks at the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic. Mr. Prophett chairs the Committee on Racism, Presbytery of the Peaks, which recently issued a policy designed to encourage inclusiveness throughout the Presbytery.  (back to top)

Kathryn M. Pumphrey (2018) – Kathryn Pumphrey is Executive Vice President of the Centra Foundation, where she has raised over $70 million to help fund projects and programs that enrich and improve healthcare services for a diverse population. In particular, Dr. Pumphrey was instrumental in establishing the Community Health Initiative Fund which funds nonprofits alleviating health disparities. Currently, Dr. Pumphrey serves on the Lynchburg College Board of Trustees as Secretary to the Board and Chair of the Trusteeship Committee and has served as Lynchburg College Alumni Association President where she was instrumental in diversifying Board membership. Additionally, Kathryn serves on the Board of Jefferson’s Poplar Forest where she serves on the governance committee and development committee. Kathryn’s past Board service includes the Academy Center for the Arts, the Lynchburg Historical Foundation, the Lynchburg Symphony, the Red Cross, Kaleidoscope (President) and the Lynchburg Estate Planning Council. She is a past member of the Lynchburg Rotary Club and a member of First Presbyterian Church where she has served as a Deacon and Elder. (back to top)

William F. Quillian, Jr. (1972) – Native of Nashville, Tennessee, graduate of Emory University with a Ph.D. from Yale, honorary degrees from Ohio Wesleyan, Emory and Randolph-Macon College, gifted clergyman, scholar, author, teacher and college administrator, president of Randolph Macon Women’s College since 1952, active in numerous local and regional organizations, 1954 Lynchburg Chairman of Brotherhood Week, a past chairman of the Council of Protestant Colleges and Universities, a past president of the Southern University Conference, the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges, the Southern Association of Colleges for Women and the Association of Virginia Colleges, currently chairman of the board of directors of the University Center in Virginia.  (back to top)

George Nichols Rainsford (1993) – George Rainsford’s journey in pursuit of education spanned the United States and the Atlantic Ocean; Williams College; University of Colorado, B.A. cum laude; University of London School of Economics; Yale University, LL.B.; University of Denver, M.A.; and Stanford University, Ph.D. His professional career has stretched from freshman counselor at Yale University, to attorney in a private law firm, to University of Denver director of development and associate dean, to history professor and presidential assistant at the University of Colorado, to president of Kalamazoo College, and thence to Lynchburg College as its eighth president. Dr. Rainsford’s work in promoting access and equity to American higher education is nationally recognized. He received last month the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund award for lifetime service to higher education and he has been president or board member of virtually every major higher education association. But his volunteer activities in Central Virginia and throughout the Commonwealth are equally wide-ranging; from senior warden in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to the Regional Board of the Christian Church in Virginia; from co-chair of the Virginia Presidents Forum for Teaching Excellence to the Governor of Virginia’s Committee on the University of the 21st Century; from chairmanship of the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce to membership on the Governor’s World Trade Council; from dynamic support of Habitat for Humanity to leadership of the Central Virginia United Way campaign and of the Lynchburg Chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. He has also been a formative influence in the Lynchburg Public Schools/Chamber of Commerce “Partners in Education” initiative. Dr. Rainsford and his wife, Jean Wedmore, are the parents of a son and four daughters.  (back to top)

Dennis S. Roberts (2017++) – A Lutheran pastor, Rev. Dennis Roberts accepted a call to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynchburg in January 1991. During his time at Holy Trinity, Dennis has built on the foundation of interfaith work already established in the congregation. The parish education program has grown to include a number of classes, study groups, programs, and trips exploring interfaith issues. In the Lynchburg community, Roberts serves on the Lynchburg Chapter of Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, and he has been a member of the United Way of Central Virginia Campaign Cabinet for a number of years. He has also served as a board member and president of Interfaith Outreach Association and as president of The Sphex Club of Lynchburg.  (back to top)

Robert C. Roberts (2011) – In 1990, Robert Roberts started a small business, Electronic Design and Manufacturing, which has grown to 55 employees. It is now a 100% employee-owned company. He received his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky. Robert was strongly influenced by parents, church, and Boy Scouts in developing a philosophy of service to others.  For each of the past eight years, he has spent three to four weeks in Malawi, Africa, working on mission projects at schools, hospitals, and with local communities to provide shallow wells for safe drinking water. Robert is also a member of Lynchburg Advisory Board of the Alzheimer’s Association, United Way of Central Virginia Board of Directors, Advisory Board of United Way of Central VA, Salvation Army of Lynchburg, and Business Advisory Board of Lynchburg College.  (back to top)

Haywood Robinson, Jr. (1975) – Native of Lynchburg, a graduate of Hampton Institute, recipient of B.D. and Doctor of Divinity degrees from Virginia Seminary, service in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1952-54, served as minister of Baptist churches in Bedford, Washington, Pennsylvania and since 1964 of Diamond Hill Baptist Church, executive director of the Lynchburg Community Action Group, since 1967, a past president of the Lynchburg Ministerial Association and the Virginia Association of Community Action Agencies, trustee of Virginia College, a living example of the ideal of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.  (back to top)

Louis W. Robinson Sr. (2006) – Retired from the U.S. Post Office after 28 years, Louis W. Robinson, Sr. came to Lynchburg by way of New York. He served this country in the U.S. Army and graduated from New York City Community College. In Lynchburg he joined St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, where he has served on the Vestry, and he provides daily service to the community delivering “Meals on Wheels.” He is best known for his untiring effort to organize the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg, spearheading the project of acquiring and renovating a building, raising the funds, and seeing the club opened to serve over 100 children. He and his wife have four adult children and two grandchildren.  (back to top)

Lila A. Rosenthal (1978) – Native of New Jersey, graduate of Wheelock College, Boston, outstanding community leader, among others service on the boards of the United Fund, Fine Arts Center, Little Theater, Florence Crittenden Home, PTA, Woman’s Club of Virginia and Beth Sholom Home in Richmond, president-elect of the Lynchburg Area Association For Children with Learning Disabilities, actively involved in the League of Women Voters, Meals-on Wheels, Kum-ba-yah, Hadassah and NCCJ, a mother of four children, a former president of the Medical Auxiliary of the Lynchburg Academy of Medicine and of the Sisterhood of Agudath Sholom Synagogue and currently Sunday School teacher and board member.  (back to top)

Lucy Guggenheimer Ross (2004) – A daughter of Lynchburg, Lucy Guggenheimer Ross is a graduate of Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree, and has engaged in a variety of postgraduate studies to further enhance her educational process. Best known as the Founder and the Director of New Vistas School, she has had a lifelong career as an educator in Virginia and Massachusetts. A dedicated volunteer, Ms. Ross has been most active in projects of the Junior League of Lynchburg, including community assessments projects, Project Cornerstone, and Opportunity House. She has served on the Mental Health Advisory Committee, on the boards of the Learning Disabilities Association, Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center, and the Churches for Urban Ministry. At St. John’s Church, she has served as Program Director of the Bible School, on the Outreach Committee and on the Education Committee. It has been said of Lucy Ross that her years of service in the Junior League of Lynchburg defined her role as a woman concerned with social issues.  (back to top)

Shanda K. Rowe (2002) – After receiving her undergraduate degree from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Shanda K. Rowe went on to do graduate study at the Australian National University as a Fulbright Scholar. Currently the Associate Director of The Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, she expresses a vital interest in the future of the City of Lynchburg. Ms. Rowe serves on boards of directors of the Lynchburg Historical Society, Adult Care Center of Central Virginia, Christmas in April, and the Administrative Board of Court Street United Methodist Church. She is active in the League of Women Voters and Rotary Club of Lynchburg, and serves as vice-chair of her Neighborhood Watch organization. In the past year, Ms. Rowe was appointed by City Council to serve on the Steering Committee of Regional Renaissance.  (back to top)

Mark Russell, Jr. (2000) – Through both vocation and avocation, Mark Russell, Jr. has applied his talents to providing support for the physically and mentally disadvantaged. As Transition Coordinator with Central Virginia Training Center, he performs “a work of celebration” in helping institutionalized people return to home communities. In related civic activities, Mr. Russell volunteers with Rush Lifetime Homes, ARC of Virginia, CLAMR, Jubilate Mission Group, and many other organizations that work to ease the way for disabled and their families.  (back to top)

Mort Sajadian (2017) – Mort Sajadian is Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Amazement Square, The Rightmire Children’s Museum. He has more than 30 years of university and children’s museum experience and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Children’s Museums. In 2016, Dr. Sajadian was appointed by President Obama to serve on the National Museum and Library Services Board. Under his leadership, Amazement Square was a 2015 Recipient of the National Medal for Museum and Library Service. Mort is actively involved in the soccer community and serves as West Area Director of Assessors for the Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program.  (back to top)

Nina V. Salmon (2022) – Nina V. Salmon is an English professor at the University of Lynchburg and an Episcopal priest, currently serving St. Paul’s Episcopal Church as an Associate Rector for Youth and Families. Anne Spencer was the subject of much of her early scholarly work, and for a decade, students in Salmon’s classes participated in Service Learning and research projects on Lynchburg’s Harlem Renaissance poet. Currently, Nina serves on the Pierce Street Gateway Board, the University’s NCBI Team for the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and she was a member of the University’s Land Acknowledgement Committee. She is the convener of the guiding team for Becoming Beloved Community in the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia and secretary for the legislative committee on Race and Racial Reconciliation for the upcoming 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. (back to top)

Richard Z. Samuels (1972) – Native of Bayonne, New Jersey, educated at the University of Illinois, served in the Air Force in World War II, moved to Lynchburg in 1954, successful insurance executive heading the local office of Prudential Insurance Company with C.L.U. designation, a past president of Lynchburg Life Underwriters Association, active in numerous civic and religious organizations including Red Cross Blood Donor program, Family Service of Lynchburg and the YMCA, president of the Broadway Theater League of Lynchburg, past president of the B’nai B’rith, past chairman of the Jewish Community Council and the Lynchburg NCCJ Chapter, member of board of directors of Agudath Sholom Congregation.  (back to top)

Abraham M. Schewel (1968) – Born in Riga, Russia, attended Armour Institute in Chicago. Almost seventy years in furniture business in Lynchburg, former member of City Council for eight years, humanitarian and leader in multiple state and community organizations, business, educational and charitable causes, past president of the League of Virginia Municipalities, past Chairman of Fifth District of B’nai B’rith, a founder of Lynchburg NCCJ Chapter, for twenty-five years president of Agudath Sholom Synagogue.  (back to top)

Benjamin D. Schewel (1969) – Native of Lynchburg, successful businessman, lifetime association with family furniture firm, a leader in multiple business, civic and charitable causes, made an honorary member of Salvation Army for over 50 years service, similar service to the Presbyterian Home, the Miller Home and the Lynchburg B’nai B’rith Lodge and Congregation Agudath Sholom.  (back to top)

Bertram R. Schewel (1973) – Native of Lynchburg, graduate of Washington and Lee, Army Air Force Captain in World War II, successful businessman, president of family furniture firm, active in numerous civic, business and religious organizations, the Salvation Army Advisory Board, a past president of Central Lynchburg, Inc., Mental Health Association, Greater Lynchburg Retail Merchants Association, Abe Schewel Lodge B’nai B’rith and Agudath Sholom Congregation.  (back to top)

Marc A. Schewel (1999) – Marc Schewel is Chairman of the Board at Schewel Furniture Company, a retail furniture chain with 41 stores in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia. Mr. Schewel served as past State Chairman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Chairman of the Lynchburg Jewish Community Council, President of the YMCA, Virginia Vice President for the Southern Home Furnishings Association, and Chairman of the Churches of Urban Ministry Business Advisory Board. He serves on the Centra Health board and the boards of United Way and New Vistas School. He has done work for Junior Achievement, the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center and the Region 2000 Economic Development Plan. (back to top)

Rosel H. and Elliot S. Schewel (1974) – Natives of Baltimore and Lynchburg respectively, educated at Hood College, Lynchburg College and Washington and Lee University, married in 1949, community leaders in numerous cultural, educational and charitable causes, president of the League of Women Voters, recipient of Chamber of Commerce “Outstanding Young Man of the Year Award” in 1952, service on City Council, member of Board of Trustees of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, chairman of the Lynchburg Jewish Community Council, former president of the Sisterhood of Agudath Sholom and board member of the Temple.  (back to top)
(2016**) – Elliot graduated from Washington and Lee University, worked at Schewel Furniture, and helped start Jefferson National Bank. He was elected to City Council for one term in the 1960’s and later was elected to the Virginia Senate, where he served for 20 years. Since retiring from the Senate in 1996, Elliot has served on the Centra Health Foundation Board, Greater Lynchburg Community Trust Board, Randolph Macon College Board of Trustees, Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship Board and the Westminster Canterbury Foundation Board. Rosel taught in Lynchburg City Schools and spent 20 years as a professor at Lynchburg College. State boards that she served on for ten years each are The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginia Foundation of Humanities. Currently, Rosel is involved with the Beacon of Hope project that grew out of Lynchburg’s Dialogue on Race and Racism initiative. In addition to being on the Board of Beacon of Hope, Rosel serves on the Boards of MAAM, Amazement Square Children’s Museum, the Holocaust Foundation, Lynchburg College, and she participates in several other organizations.  (back to top)

Clarence W. Seay (1971) – Native of Nashville, Tenn., graduate of Fisk University and M.A. Columbia University, leading educator with teaching positions in Kentucky, Kansas and Arizona, principal of Dunbar High School, 1938-68, faculty of Lynchburg College, 1968-70, elected a member of City Council, 1970, a former president of the Virginia Teachers Association, Virginia Secondary School Principals Association and the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, author of numerous articles in educational journals and active leadership in multiple community organizations including among others the Red Cross, United Fund, Library, Mental Health Association, and building fund treasurer of Jackson Street United Methodist Church.  (back to top)

Irma W. Seiferth (2009) (posthumously) – A native of Mississippi, Irma W. Seiferth received her higher education from Indiana and Purdue Universities. After moving with her family to Lynchburg in 1974, she began working for Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship, where she applied her extensive skills in administration, later becoming Executive Director of the organization. Irma conveyed her strong beliefs and values through her volunteer work with many humanitarian-based groups. She served on boards, often in leadership positions, for Centra Health, Elizabeth Early Learning Center, Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, Alliance for Families & Children, and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. For over 20 years she was president of the STEP with Links program of Links, Inc. Together with her husband Jesse, Irma was mother of two daughters, grandmother of two, and great grandmother of one. This award is presented to the family of Irma Jean Wilson Seiferth, who died in March 2009.  (back to top)

Sally C. Selden (2019) – Sally Selden is Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Professor of Management and Leadership Studies at the University of Lynchburg. She is a fellow in the National Academy of Public Administration and author of Human Capital: Tools and Strategies for the Public Sector, with Congressional Quarterly Press (2009), which was named the 2010 Best Book by the Personnel and Labor Relations section of the American Society of Public Administration. Outside of work, Sally is actively engaged in her community. She has served as President of two parent teacher organizations and serves on the Boards of the Lynchburg City School Education Foundation, Lynchburg City Schools Partners in Education, Centra Health Council, and Interfaith Outreach. She has volunteered at Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, and Daily Bread.  In June 2019, she will become provost and dean of the college at The Citadel.  (back to top)

Morris Shapiro (1980) – Rabbi Shapiro is a native of New Haven, Conn., who came to Lynchburg in 1976 to serve as rabbi of Agudath Sholom Synagogue. Educated at Yale University for his undergraduate work, Shapiro completed his professional studies at the Jewish Institute of Religion at Hebrew Union College where he was ordained. He has served pulpits in five states and in the Union of South Africa.  (back to top)

Fred L. Showalter (1970) – Native of Pulaski County, moved to Lynchburg in 1916 and the same year joined the city’s famed Musketeers unit in military operations on the Mexican border and World War I, retiring as a captain, he returned to Lynchburg and established a contracting firm later to be reorganized as F. L. Showalter, Inc., humanitarian, successful businessman, a community leader in multiple civic, business, religious and charitable causes, in 1951 appointed by Gov. John S. Battle as chairman of the state registration board of contractors, an elder in Rivermont Presbyterian Church and president of the Presbyterian Home, he is a past president of the Local Boy Scouts, YMCA, Kiwanis Club and the board of Lynchburg General Hospital on which he was elected in 1968 to an “honorary life membership.”  (back to top)

Julius A. Sigler (1996) – Julius Sigler, a native of Florida, is a physics teacher at Lynchburg College. He received his B.S. from Lynchburg College and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. He has served on the Board of Directors of Lynchburg College Alumni Association, as a commissioner for the Boys Scouts of America, on the board of The National Railway Historical Society, on the board and as president of the Lynchburg City School Board, as vice-chair and chair of the Board of Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology and as founding president of Lynchburg Strings Boosters Club. Sigler is married to Janet Sigler and has three sons.  (back to top)

Lynn Hume Stuart (2007) – A native Texan, Lynn Hume Stuart first came to Lynchburg to attend Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, where she later served as trustee. As a partner in City-Scape Tours for more than ten years, she offered guide service to groups visiting Lynchburg. Her community activities have included work with Kaleidoscope, Alliance for Families and Children, Daily Bread, Meals on Wheels, and the Junior League of Lynchburg. Lynn has been active at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, serving several times on the vestry. She has particularly enjoyed her volunteer role as docent at the Maier Museum of Art. Lynn and husband Bill are parents to three grown sons.  (back to top)

Walker P. Sydnor, Jr. (2015) – Mr. Sydnor is the retired president of Scott Insurance. He joined the organization in 1976, and was elected President in 1986. Mr. Sydnor joined the Centra Board of Directors in 1993. He served as Chairman of the finance committee from 1996 until 2013, and effective January, 2014 became Chairman of the Centra board. Mr. Sydnor served as trustee for Lynchburg College from 1991 until 2013, and served as Chair of the board for 2002-2005. He currently sits on the Wells Fargo regional advisory board.  (back to top)

James H. Taylor (2010) – James H. Taylor is retired after a 42-year career with The Babcock & Wilcox Company. He graduated in 1954 from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in engineering. Jim continues his practical and informal education with emphasis on gardening, various construction crafts and human behavior. Community activities have always seemed to be a natural magnet for Jim. His community involvement began with Cub Scouts and church youth work. Jim continues to be involved today with the Boys and Girls Club, Master Gardeners and church-related volunteer activities. He is member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. He and his wife, Miriam, have been married for nearly 54 years.  (back to top)

Willie E. Thornhill (2013) – Willie Thornhill served the New York community as a teacher on the Board of Education and as a public health nurse on the City Department of Health before moving to Lynchburg in the 1970s. She then served as a Public Health Nursing Supervisor for the Central Virginia Health District until her retirement. Thornhill considers her greatest accomplishment to be successfully placing Diamond Hill Baptist Church onto the National Registry of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks registry after researching the significant role the church played in the integration of Lynchburg in the 1960s, with the guidance of Reverend Dr. Virgil Wood and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  (back to top)

T.D. and Virginia Thornton (2022) – T.D. and Virginia Thornton are active community volunteers who are especially dedicated to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg. T.D. is founder of Progress Printing. He served on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors and served as chairman during his second term. He also served as treasurer and board member of Region 2000. Other activities included the former President of Printing Industries of Virginia, Board of Directors of the University of Lynchburg, and Central Virginia Planning Commission. Virginia practices civil litigation law. She has been an active volunteer since the age of 15, giving time to Seven Hills Nursing Home (Avante), Medical Care Center, Foster Care, the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg to name a few. Her desire to help others was also facilitated by her pageantry participation on local, state, and national levels. She also served as a national spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  (back to top)

Stuart J. Turille (2005) – Stuart J. Turille, a native of Minnesota, was reared in Harrisonburg, Virginia. A graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he received his MBA from New York University. A veteran of the US Army, Stuart was a banker until his retirement, when he took on the position of Executive Director of the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust. Involved in a variety of community activities, he is most proud of his work with the Free Clinic of Central Virginia, Shalom Apartments and Westminster Presbyterian Church.  (back to top)

Marjette G. Upshur (2017) – Marjette Upshur has spent the last twelve years serving the City of Lynchburg as the Director of Economic Development. She currently serves on the regional Workforce Development Board, the Lynchburg Chapter for the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, and on the Virginia Community Capital Advocacy Council. Ms. Upshur has also chaired the boards of CASA of Central Virginia, Rotary Club of Lynchburg and the United Way of Central Virginia. She was recently named a finalist for the national NextGen Public Service Awards Finalist, an award that recognizes deserving individuals who are intelligent, exuberant and dedicated to improving government.  (back to top)

Shannon R. Valentine (2009) – In January, 2006, Shannon R. Valentine was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, where she serves on the Transportation Committee, Courts of Justice Committee, and Judicial Review Panel. She graduated in economics from the University of Virginia. Shannon’s professional career included advertising, production and business news at an NBC affiliate, followed by a number of leadership positions with Equifax. Arriving in Lynchburg in 1990, she began working with Habitat for Humanity. Prior to her election, Shannon served as neighborhood coordinator for Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation, and has worked to improve inner city housing over the last 15 years. She has also been active on YMCA of Central Virginia Board, Virginia School of the Arts Board, presided over Women’s Resource Center Board. Shannon and her husband Mike are proud parents of three children.  (back to top)

Ann R. van de Graaf (2001) – Artist, illustrator, publisher, Ann R. van de Graaf has enhanced the Lynchburg community through the gifts of her artistic abilities and civic involvement. A commission by the NAACP led her to the Legacy Project and the creation of the Legacy Museum of African American History. Her lectures, published works and civic affiliations echo her respect for cultural diversity and equality. Ms. Van de Graaf is a member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the National League of American Pen Women, and has served on many Boards, including the Lynchburg Community Action Group, the United Way of Central Virginia, and the Anne Spencer Memorial Foundation.  (back to top)

Kay and J.P. Vaughan (2021) – Kay and J.P. Vaughan are lifelong residents of Lynchburg. J.P. was very involved in coaching Little League football and baseball. He also coached football at V.E.S. along with his “day job” at Forehand Realtors, Inc. Kay became an English teacher: first at Dunbar, then at E.C. Glass, and finally at Amelia Pride Alternative School. Since retiring in 2009, Kay has spent her time volunteering at the Awareness Garden and at E.C. Glass. She is most proud of the work she and J.P. have done with the Pink Game, The Wall of Excellence and the Hall of Fame. In all of these endeavors, J.P. and Kay were teammates. The Pink Game is now a tradition at E. C. Glass High School. Each sponsor donates $100 in honor of a loved one whose life was affected by cancer, and their “player” wears a pink jersey, proudly displaying the names of the honoree, and proceeds go to support the Awareness Garden. (back to top)

Diane M. Walker (2014) – Now retired, psychologist and educator Dr. Diane Walker initiated child-specific therapies and services for children at the Mental Health Clinic of the Community Services Board. She was instrumental in creating the Child Sexual Assault Task Force which resulted in county-wide expansion and Child Study teams. Diane’s Chemical People project evolved into the Coalition for the Prevention of Substance Abuse. With the help of others at St. John’s Episcopal, she started the Crisis Line of Central Virginia and served with Meals on Wheels, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Family Services, Seven Hills School and James River Day School. Diane was influential in the development of Amazement Square with the Junior League of Lynchburg, serving as Capital Campaign Chair. She also serves as a Eucharistic Minister for St. John’s Episcopal Church. Diane volunteers for the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, Dance Theatre, Fine Arts Center, the United Way, Lynchburg Grows, and the Lynchburg Garden Club.  (back to top)

N. S. Walker (1994) – Rev. Walker is the Pastor of the Holcomb Rock Baptist Church. He is a member of the Lynchburg Minister Baptist Conference, the Lynchburg Chapter of the NAACP and the American Academy of Ministry. He has been a delegate to the Virginia State Baptist Convention and moderator for the Peaks of Otter Baptist Association.  (back to top)

J. Marie Waller (2016) – Marie Waller is a retired educator with 43 years in the History Department at E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg City Schools. Her involvement in the community includes The League of Women Voters, the Dialogue on Race and Racism, the Youth Philanthropy Award Board, and the Fort Early Neighborhood Watch. She also supports the Jones Memorial Library, Friends of the E.C. Glass Art Collection, and Historic Sandusky. Serving on the Lynchburg City School Board and the Lynchburg Museum Board allowed Marie to champion efforts to provide all city elementary school students the experience of a field trip to the city museum. (back to top)

Charles Warren (1998) – Charles Warren is President of Lynchburg College. He is also involved in numerous community leadership organizations – including the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Vision Council, Rotary International, NCCJ, Region 2000’s Regional Competitiveness Board, Lynchburg City Schools Partnership in Education and various other organizations.  (back to top)

D. L. Warren (1997) – D. L. Warren holds an A.B. from Phillips University, a M.A. from East Carolina University and an Ed.D. from Oklahoma State University. He is a member of City Council of Lynchburg. Previously, he served as Executive Director of the Virginia Counselors Association, was Dean of Students at Lynchburg College and a professor and Department Chair, Interim Dean and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Counselor Education. He is a member of various professional associations and has received numerous awards. He sits on various boards such as Big Brothers and Sisters, Mental Health Association, Community Services Board and New Vista School. He is married and has two children and four grandchildren. (back to top)

Robert C. Watts, Jr. (1976) – A native son of Lynchburg and a Virginian of impeccable credentials: Episcopal High School, the University of Virginia where he earned his bachelor’s and law degrees, World War II service in the Pacific as a Navy lieutenant, a practicing lawyer with Caskie, Frost, Davidson and Watts, one of the state’s outstanding legal firms, and finally senior vice president of First and Merchants National Bank from which he took early retirement last year. His first venture into politics as a Republican candidate for the House of Delegates from the Lynchburg-Amherst-Nelson district was ill-timed but he conducted himself so graciously and openly that even his political foes held him in the highest regard. He lost the election but he won the respect of the entire area.   (back to top)

James A. Webster (2015) – Mr. Webster relocated to Lynchburg in 2006 from the Boston Area, where he had a history of community involvement, both personally and professionally. In 2006, he joined the Parkview Community Mission where he participates in a variety of activities. In 2007, Mr. Webster participated in the City of Lynchburg’s Dialogue on Race and Racism. He facilitated the Dialogue’s initial Study Circle, trained facilitators, served on the Advisory Board and facilitated an Action Group. His involvement continues today as Assistant Treasurer of the dialogue’s program, “Many Voices One Community.” Mr. Webster serves in several capacities on Salvation Army Advisory Board and he participates in the community advisory committee meetings of the Lynchburg Area Food Council.  (back to top)

G. Kenneth West (2009) – G. Kenneth West is Professor of Counseling and Human Development and Director of the Center for Family Studies and Educational Advancement at Lynchburg College. Born in Lynchburg and reared in North Carolina, he graduated from Wake Forest University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Florida State University. With other Lynchburg College faculty and graduate students, Ken piloted parenting education programs and created the Center for Family Studies and Educational Advancement to offer them in schools throughout Central Virginia. For 24 years he has written a weekly column for The News and Advance. Author of four books, he is now completing a book with his wife, Patty, offering ideas on marriage, family and personal growth. They are parents of three adult children. Ken has served on numerous local boards, including Alliance for Children and Families, Camp Kum Bah Yah, and The Jubilee Family Development Center.  (back to top)

Sterling A. Wilder (2008) – Sterling A. Wilder, co-founder and Executive Director of the Jubilee Family Development Center, has devoted his life to helping children and families become self-sufficient and reach higher levels of personal achievement. A graduate of Virginia State University and Lynchburg College, a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and past president of the Gamma Nu Lambda Chapter, Starling currently serves on the boards of many local organizations including Hunton-Randolph Community Center, Free Clinic of Central Virginia, and Workforce Investment Board. He has represented Ward II on the Lynchburg School Board for 9 years, currently serving as Vice Chairman, and he is the Assistant Pastor of Prayer of Faith Temple. Sterling has been recognized for his dedication to improving the community in which he lives, receiving the NAACP Freedom Fighter award, the Oprah Winfrey Use Your Life Award, and being named a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club. While working with the FDIC in Washington DC, Starling was selected from among 8,000 employees to receive the Nancy K. Rector Community Service Award, one of the organization’s most prestigious honors.  (back to top)

Rachel C. Wilson (2005) – A Lynchburg native, Rachel C. Wilson is a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College and of Lynchburg College, earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees respectively. Central to her life is her work with the local and national Disciples of Christ and on behalf of civil and human rights. During her twenty-five year career as a public school teacher, she was an active board member of both the Lynchburg Education Association and Virginia Education Association. Rachel helped to establish The Festival Center and inner city community center where she works with the children’s program. Dedicated to her faith, she seeks to put it into social action daily.  (back to top)

Robert A. Wilson (2002) – The Reverend Dr. Robert A. Wilson has served Westminster Presbyterian Church as pastor for the past sixteen years, arriving in Lynchburg by way of several stops in North Carolina. As a board member of Churches for Urban Ministry, Meds Help, the Lynchburg Literacy Council, and the Free Clinic of Central Virginia, he extends his care and service into the community. In addition, Dr. Wilson participates in the Downtown Ministers’ Group, the Lynchburg Area Ministerial Association, the Presbytery of the Peaks, and Westminster Presbyterian Homes. Boards of directors which have benefited from his direction in the past include Davidson College Trustees and Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg.  (back to top)

Gloria T. Witt (2014) – Gloria Witt was a dedicated employee of AREVA for 32 years, starting with the company in 1981. She progressed from a Certified Purchasing Manager to leading ground breaking programs in People Development as the Director upon her retirement. Gloria has played an active role in the growth and development of the Lynchburg Boys and Girls club as a volunteer, board member, board president and Chair of the Area Council Committee. She is a trained facilitator for the Lynchburg Community Dialogue on Race and Racism, leading the longest-standing study circle. She has also served her community through Lynchburg’s Partners In Education, and the Interfaith Outreach Association. Gloria is also past president of Women in Nuclear and founder of Define Success Coaching and Facilitation Services.   (back to top)

Robert C. Wood, III (2018) – Robert ‘Robin’ Wood has more than 50 years’ experience in business and corporate law, family law, commercial litigation, and employment law. Robin is a Fellow of the Virginia Law Foundation and author of Civil Procedure in Virginia and Virginia Law and Practice: a Handbook for Attorneys. He is a member of Order of the Coif at Washington & Lee University School of Law, where he also serves as an adjunct professor of Virginia Law and Procedure. Robin was a member of the 1961 Washington & Lee football team that went undefeated and was named Outstanding Small College Team in the nation by the Washington Post. He was also a head referee for ACC football from 1975 to 2001. Robin has devoted considerable time to the community, serving on the boards of directors of organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center (former President), Virginia Legal Aid Society, United Way of Central Virginia, YMCA of Central Virginia (former President), and Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority (former Chairman). (back to top)

Patricia S. Worsham (2011) – A native of New Jersey, Patrica S. Worsham is an English teacher and department chair at E.C. Glass High School.   She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master of English Degree from Lynchburg College and has been teaching for 35 years. In 2003, she was the first Lynchburg City Schools teacher to achieve National Board Certification and has since mentored many other teachers in this process. She is a volunteer, teacher, and leader to E.C. Glass High School group for The Mercy Care Centre School in Nairobi, Kenya, where she has worked to create a sister-school relationship.  Patty is also a Board Member for The Friends of the Lynchburg Public Library, has been active in the Lynchburg Reads program, and is involved with the Holocaust Education Foundation of Central Virginia. She and her husband, Charles, have two grown sons and two grandsons. (back to top)

James W. Wright (2011) – Medical Director of Genworth Financial, James A. Wright received his BA in English from University of Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School. Widely known for his local and international commitment to quality medical care for everyone, Jim volunteered for 3 months with the International Committee of the Red Cross as a physician at the Cambodian refugee border camp in Thailand in 1979-1980. For past 18 years, has served on the board of directors of the Free Clinic of Central Virginia. Jim was the founding director of MedsHelp, a pharmacology program for the uninsured working population in the Lynchburg area and was instrumental in getting that agency merged with the Free Clinic. In 2006, Jim and his wife, Marty, co-chaired, with another couple in Lynchburg, the Greater Lynchburg Coalition for Fairness in opposition to the so-called “Marriage Amendment.” He was an ardent advocate in his congregation for it to become an open and affirming church.  Dr. Wright has been a strong voice for fighting social injustice and prejudice. Not only has he used his voice, he has lived it in all of his actions.   (back to top)

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