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The fight against prejudice is a cooperative process.  The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities works with like-minded organizations to maximize our efforts towards inclusion and respect, striving to meet the ever-changing needs of localities across the Commonwealth.




VCIC facilitates many community programs.
Recent and upcoming o
pportunities include:

Launched in 2015, Advocates for Racial Justice is a coalition in Hampton Roads that supports informed community members who advocate for racial justice.  The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities facilitates monthly group meetings that aim to enhance learning and motivate action.  Participants include representatives from higher education, religious institutions, nonprofit organizations, government, media, civic groups, and community volunteers.

The RVA Language Justice Initiative is coordinated by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities in partnership with Sacred Heart Center and the Virginia Anti-Violence Project. Project components include:

– Making simultaneous interpretation headsets available to the community.
– Mobilizing individuals who are interpreters, translators, allies, and advocates via training, organizing, and collaboration.
– Supporting and training community leaders on the importance of language justice and best practices to effectively improve access to equitable multilingual spaces.

Learn more about the RVA Language Justice Initiative

Thank you to The Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation for supporting the RVA Language Justice Initiative!

Leadership Metro Richmond and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities have partnered to create a three-part educational training to teach best practices in facilitation. In these divisive times, tough issues are emerging in our communities, in the workplace, and at home. Open dialogue is critical but it also requires proper facilitation. This training strengthens the Richmond region by equipping our community leaders with the tools they need to lead conversations in a manner that is inclusive, informative, and effective. This program not only offers up practical tips but also gives participants the opportunity to put their new skills into practice.

2021 Dates:

A series of 5 sessions on the following Thursdays
February 18 & 25
March 4, 11 & 18
**Participants must attend all 5 sessions.**

Time: 9:00AM – 11:00AM | Location: Zoom virtual meeting room

Corporate Registration: $450
Nonprofit Registration: $200


In partnership with the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond and the University of Richmond’s Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, VCIC sponsors a film screening and dialogue each January in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This event honors Dr. King’s significant legacy while exploring how to apply his message to the present day.

On Sunday, January 17, 2021, we brought the community virtually to explore “Heard,” a documentary about five people who grew up in Richmond’s public housing communities. Breakout sessions explored the importance of sharing stories and listening to people with firsthand experience before taking civic action.  Click here to learn more.

Since 1998, VCIC has co-sponsored this program with the Robert Nusbaum Center at Virginia Wesleyan University. A nexus is a point of connection, and this series focuses on connecting people of all faiths (or no faith) through open and respectful dialogue.

Learn more about the NEXUS Interfaith Dialogue Series

The RVA Table Talk series creates opportunities for community members to engage in challenging conversations about diversity and inclusion. Each session focuses on a specific topic, and participants have the opportunity to share stories, perspectives, and ideas regarding issues facing the community.

Learn more about RVA Table Talk

In response to increasing bias, bigotry, and divisive rhetoric, “Standing Together” is an initiative to bring diverse groups in Hampton Roads and Richmond together to speak out and stand with religious and ethnic groups who are marginalized.

Learn more about Standing Together RVA

Learn more about Standing Together Hampton Roads

VCIC partnered with Initiatives of Change to facilitate “Unpacking the 2010 Census: The New Realities of Race, Class, and Jurisdiction.” The program featured research from Dr. John V. Moeser.  Alongside the “Unpacking the Census” public education program, the City of Richmond launched an Anti-Poverty Commission that evolved to become the Office of Community Wealth Building.

Learn more about Unpacking the Census.

The Virginia Inclusion Summit brings together workplace professionals, government employees, and higher education students and administrators for a day of learning, sharing, and connecting. The program includes a dynamic keynote speaker and interactive breakout sessions.

Learn more about the Virginia Inclusion Summit



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