The 59th annual Richmond Humanitarian Awards Presentation took place on Monday, October 25, 2021.



Anne B. Holton


Irving M. Blank
Rudene Mercer Haynes
Eric C. Lin
Kenneth W. Soistman


Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia 


The Humanitarian Award of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities is presented to those individuals who have demonstrated a personal commitment to the promotion of respect and understanding among people of diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.  On occasion, the organization may bestow the Jeffrey B. Spence Award for Interfaith Understanding to individuals who have conducted exceptional work in the area of interfaith understanding.  On the rarest occasion, the Distinguished Virginian Award is presented individuals who reside in one location but whose reach in the promotion of understanding and respect is statewide. The Distinguished Merit Award recognizes corporations or community organizations for their humanitarian work.

Thank you to the 2021 Humanitarian Award Dinner Supporters:

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