Workshop Presenter

Please use this form to provide VCIC with all pertinent information for your workshop. Information entered on this form may be reproduced to market the conference and other VCIC programs. This form also serves as your registration for the conference. You will not need to complete a separate registration form. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out by phone at 804-515-7950 or send an email to Jacquie or Katie.
Please write your title and organization/affiliation as you want in print.
Please provide a short professional bio for marketing purposes. (Max 175 words)
Please suggest a title based on the topic listed in the invitation. (Max 175 characters)
Please include a description of your workshop. (Max 100 words)
Please write up to 3 sentences listing the goals/outcomes you expect attendees to take away from your workshop. (Max 75 words)
As the conference will be conducted virtually, we want to confirm that you have equipment at your home/work to facilitate virtually.
Each session will have a tech support person in the space, and we plan to hold test sessions to make sure the technology works, but a general sense of each facilitator's knowledge of using online systems to present is helpful as we plan. No familiarity means that you have not lead or facilitated online before, or when attending an online meeting, as long as you have a link and nothing goes wrong, you are fine.
Please upload Head/Shoulder Photo, PPTs for your workshop, handouts, any additional materials you would like to submit.
Please share any specific needs that should be considered as we plan for the conference (i.e., hearing impaired, sight impaired, etc.)

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