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Since 2001, the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities has held the Project Inclusion program (formerly Unitown) for high schools across the Commonwealth.  Designed for students and educators from a single school or district, this program brings together up to 60 students and 15 educators for an intensive four-day residential experience.  Project Inclusion is noted in the book No COLORS: 100 Ways To Stop Gangs From Taking Away Our Communities as “The best program we have seen in the nation for sowing the seeds of non-violence, inclusiveness and understanding in a high school population.”
While at Project Inclusion, participants explore issues of diversity and prejudice, gain insight into their own lives and values, and develop action plans to share their learning with their sending school(s).  Administrators have credited Project Inclusion with improving school climates, reducing incidents of bullying and violence, and building stronger connections between students and educators.

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