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The RVA Community Fund for Standing Together supports Richmond-area nonprofit organizations with financial support for rapid response services after incidents of bias, discrimination, or bullying. These incidents often require immediate interventions that are not covered by traditional funding mechanisms. As such, this fund ensures that nonprofit organizations will have greater capacity to meet needs that are increasingly urgent in today’s climate.

Nonprofit organizations are invited to apply for mini-grants of $500, $1,000, or $1,500 to support interventions including facilitating, convening, counseling, and coaching. Grant applications will be reviewed by an objective, diverse committee on a weekly basis, and approved requests will be funded within two weeks.

The RVA Community Fund for Standing Together will:

  1. Ensure that nonprofit organizations can quickly meet urgent needs;
  2. Provide critical resources such as staff time, program supplies, and travel support after an incident of bias, discrimination, or bullying; and
  3. Allow nonprofit organizations to more meaningfully develop longer-term strategies with institutions after incidents of bias.

Initial funding for the RVA Community Fund for Standing Together has been provided by the Robins Foundation. The Richmond Jewish Foundation is responsible for fund management, and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities is providing administrative support.

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