Connections Volunteer Application


2023 Connections Volunteer Facilitator Application

Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer staff member with the 2023 Harold M. Marsh Senior Connections Institute! This year, Connections will be held at Smith Mountain Lake from August 7-11, 2023. If selected, volunteers are required to arrive on-site the morning of Sunday, August 6 to participate in staff training.

The Connections experience begins with a five-day residential program that allows student delegates to break barriers, deal with biased behavior, and develop an action plan to reduce prejudice in their own schools or communities. In addition, the delegates gain insight into their own lives and values. Volunteer staff members will lead small group discussions and serve as role models and mentors. conversations so the student participants can explore personal experiences with discrimination and develop conflict resolution skills. Students will leave the program with tools to work toward school and community environments that are free from the distractions of prejudice, stereotypes, and bigotry.

Volunteers must commit to attending the full program , including staff training that begins on August 6. Lodging and meals are provided throughout the week.

Volunteer application forms are due March 31, 2023.

Note that section four of this application asks that applicants share the names and contact information of three references as well as answers to the following short-answer questions:

  • Why do you wish to be a part of the Connections experience? What do you expect to gain/share as a result of being a volunteer?
  • What specific qualifications, strengths, or insights would you bring to the Connections experience? Particularly for those applicants who have not seen the Connections / Project Inclusion program firsthand, what training or experience will be of assistance in assuming your position at the retreat?
  • After the Connections session, in what ways would you actively support the delegates becoming change agents in their schools, communities, houses of worship, and families? How have you supported other groups/non-profits/youth and youth-serving organizations in the past?
  • For those who have attended prior VCIC programs: Often, it is challenging for volunteer staff members to be comfortable with being role models to their peers. Accepting this challenge can begin by accepting the idea that the purpose of going back to a VCIC retreat program is not to attempt to repeat the delegate experience but to facilitate the best possible experience for others.  How will you focus on that priority?

If your application is accepted, you may be invited to take part in a virtual interview in April of 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact VCIC’s Vice President of Programs at [email protected].

Personal Information


Please complete the application by March 31, 2023.
Please include your area code
Please check all that apply
Note that your participation as a Connections volunteer staff member will be reviewed based upon the information provided. Formal background checks will be conducted upon acceptance to the staff.

Demographic Information

Please provide the following demographic information. Be as specific as possible.
*This information will be used to ensure that we have as diverse a community at Connections as possible.*

Short Answer Responses

Please respond to each of the following prompts in no more than 500 words per prompt. We are wanting to learn about you and will not be judging responses based on English proficiency or spelling and grammar.
Please be specific and note your role(s) at the program(s), the region in which it was held and the year(s) you participated.

Volunteer Staff Agreement

I certify that the information provided in this application is true and complete.  I authorize the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities to investigate all statements in this application and to secure any necessary information from all employers, references, academic institutions and other organizations.  I also agree to execute any additional written authorization necessary for Inclusive Communities to obtain access to and copies of records pertaining to this information.  I agree to release any person, company, or other institution from any and all cause of action that otherwise might arise from supplying Inclusive Communities with information it may request pursuant to this release. I understand that any volunteering with VCIC is contingent upon receipt of satisfactory responses to any or all investigations conducted by VCIC.  I understand that any false answers, statements, or misrepresentations by omission made by me on this application or any related document will be sufficient for rejection of my application, or for my immediate discharge if discovered after I begin providing services. I agree to comply with all policies, procedures, and rules applicable to employees of VCIC and I understand that any violation may result in my dismissal. I further agree to do the following:
  1. Complete all staff paperwork (including background checks)
  2. Attend entire staff training from August 6-7, 2023.
  3. Attend entire Connections session from August 7-11, 2023.
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