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Application Questions

  1. If selected for this program, I commit to being present at:
      • Facilitator Orientation – on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 (5:30pm - 8:30pm)
      • PAS– on Thursday, January 12, 2023 (7:45am - 2:45pm)
  1. I understand that although the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (“sponsor”) has taken precautions to provide proper organization, supervision, and instruction for each activity, it is impossible for the sponsor to guarantee absolute safety. I also understand that each participant/volunteer shares the responsibility for safety during all activities and I assume that responsibility for myself.  I waive any claim that may arise against the Board of Directors of the sponsor, and/or its employees, agents, volunteers, or lessors including those claims which may arise from the negligence of the sponsor, their Board of Directors; and/or its employees, agents, lessors or volunteers.
  1. I understand that volunteer facilitators are asked to complete a series of written evaluations that assess their views on the PAS program after the program.
  1. I understand that I, alone or with other participants and/or sponsor staff, volunteers, or representatives, may be photographed, recorded on film, audio tape, videocassette, or other visual and sound, computerized, telephonic, voice-mail or tape media (“photographs and/or sound/image recordings”) by the sponsor and/or others approved by sponsor.
  1. I understand that volunteers must maintain appropriate conduct and follow clear guidelines with all minors participating in PAS. Appropriate conduct and guidelines are outlined on the Facilitator Code of Ethics: Professional Boundaries When Working with Minors sheet.
  1. I certify that the information provided in this application is true and complete. I authorize the sponsor to investigate the facts presented in this application and to secure any necessary information from all employers, references, academic institutions, and other organizations.  I also agree to execute any additional written authorizations necessary for sponsors to obtain access to and copies of records pertaining to this information.  I agree to release any person, company, or other institution from any and all cause of action that otherwise might arise from supplying sponsors with information it may request pursuant to this release.
  1. I understand that acceptance of my offer of volunteer services to the sponsor is contingent upon receipt of satisfactory responses to any or all investigations conducted by the sponsor. I understand that any false answers or statements, or misrepresentations by omission, made by me on this application or any related document, will be sufficient for rejection of my application, or for my immediate discharge if discovered after I begin providing volunteer services. I agree to comply with all applicable policies, procedures and rules of the sponsor, and I understand that any violation may result in my immediate dismissal as a volunteer.  I understand that nothing in this application, or in acceptance of my offer of volunteer services, is intended to create an employment contract between the sponsor and me.


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