Dear Parent/Guardian,

Congratulations! Your child has been nominated from Lynchburg Public Schools to attend the Project Inclusion youth leadership institute from February 23-25, 2022. Sponsored by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, Project Inclusion is a three-day program that allows student participants (called “delegates”) to break barriers, deal with biased behavior, and gain insight into their own lives and value. In addition to the February experience, the delegates will be involved in supporting the implementation of an action plan to make their school communities more inclusive. Being selected is quite an honor.

The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities will arrange transportation from your child’s school to the program site each morning and back each afternoon. Delegates must attend the program in its entirety without interruption each day. Note that breakfast and lunch are provided, and there are no special materials that students will need to bring.

There is a link on this page to the Student Information & Permission Form to be filled out by you and your child. Please complete and sign the form. Know that all of the information requested is used to make sure that your child is safe while with us at the program.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

During Project Inclusion, participants are immersed in workshops and discussion groups, and do not have time to use cell phones or other technology. If you need to contact your child during Project Inclusion, please call the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities’ emergency phone at (804) 495-1580. Messages will be checked regularly and relayed to your participant. Please do not encourage your child to call you, as doing so removes the delegate from the Project Inclusion community. We have a very short time together and every minute is truly valuable.

Please contact me by phone at (804) 515-7950 or by email at if you have any questions.  I look forward to working with you to create a memorable and meaningful experience for your child!

Student Delegate Permission Form & Agreement

Please complete this form by January 28, 2022



Jessica Hawthorne
Vice President of Programs
(804) 515-7950 |

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